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having a very finely toothed margin

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denticulate in upper half, 15-20 cm long, 2-4 cm wide.
For chaetal blades, Grube (1840: 73) indicated: "diesen die Anhangsel der langen Borsten gesagt erschienen, indessen treten die Zahnehen erst bei einer bedeutenderen Vergrosserung hervor." [Transl.: the blades of the long chaetae are denticulate, but their number is only evident with a more powerful enlargement].
Antecostal suture on notum I absent, but distinct and denticulate on nota II-III and abdominal terga I-IX.
For these characteristics and for their curved, fluted, beaklike tip, the type 1 sensilla are also similar to the denticulate setae described in other decapod shrimp (Bauer and Caskey, 2006), which are much shorter and can be compared to the type 2 sensilla found in large numbers on both flagella.
Rhizomes long creeping, covered with membranous ovate-apiculate scales; rhizome scales comose in distinct grades on dorsal surface, bicolorous with a dark central streak of sclerotic cells and pale margins, which are denticulate to erose; blade lanceolate to oblanceolate, basally pinnatisect and lobed to pinnatifid distally, with proximal lobe free; laminar scales scattered on abaxial surface and glabrescent on adaxial surface, with round to ovate scales with apiculate or caudate apices, center obscure brown, margins pale brown, fimbriate to ciliate; midribs and secondary veins not visible; sori oblong, with orbicular, peltate scales similar to those in the lamina; spores bilateral, abortive, prominently verrucate.
9d) is a gray-chert multi-pronged denticulate, graver, and notch; another (Fig.
It has some features of the Iguanodontidae teeth noted by Norman and Weishampel (2004); Paul, (2007, 2011) and Norman, (2011, 2013), such as possessing only one replacement tooth per tooth position, the labial surface of the crown is thickly enameled and has a strongly denticulate margin and is dominated by a very large primary ridge arising from the base of the crown.
Although the CM is stabilized in the spinal canal by the denticulate ligament, nerve root, and the filum terminale,[sup][17] there is significant evidence that it moved along the cranio-caudal axis.[sup][18] With the narrowing of the thoracic canal caused by the insidious progression of OLF, the CM may be crushed upward because of its tapering form.
Cephalic coxae three-fourth as long as the pronotum, slightly inflated proximad, more slender distad, internal face with distal lobe moderately developed, margin sparsely, denticulate: cephalic femora slender, faintly sigmoid, distal five-eigths tapering, very slender, median discoidal spine the longest of the three; external margin with five spines of wich the distal one is much the shortest; internal margin with nine spines arranged in the formula: iIIIIIIi; margins of the cephalic femora other than those sections bearing the regular spine series sparsely dentate, the medio-ventral one distinctly and regular serrate-dentate.
Adults of Macrobrachium rosenbergii showed simple setae similarly to Macrobrachium ohione (Bauer & Caskey 2006), but not denticulate ones.