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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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1) Labrum, dorsally with a pair of subapical setae near midline and 2-3 setae near lateral margin; 2) segment II of labial palpi with a strong rounded distomedial blunt projection; 3) coxal gills absent; 4) tarsal claws with 34-39 denticles; 5)abdominal gills whitish; 8) terminal filament subequal in length to cerci (Dominguez et al.
2012b) from the Campbellton site has yielded fin spines with denticles (Burrow et al.
Diagnosis.--Posterior denticle, spine-like and slightly curved forward, lateral ocelli ovoid (Fig.
Denticles may be caused by fibroblasts by differentiation of secondary fibroblasts into cells producing hard tissue [1].
The first type, making up about one-third to half of the marginal teeth, has the same morphology as before; thin filaments of 176-335 [micro]m with a distal comb-like tip symmetrically serrated with about nine branches on the sides leading up to the penultimate denticle. The second type of marginal tooth has a similar morphology but is wider.
The general morphology of the tooth resembles an isosceles triangle and its denticles are small.
We examined the denticle patterns of [Ubx.sup.CPTI000601] embryos collected between 16 and 24 hours AEL.
4-6) was characterised by possessing a greatly depressed head and flat snout that is pointed and wedge-shaped in lateral view, with simple nasal flaps and no nasoral grooves, an arched mouth with well developed upper and labial furrows, body not compressed, spindle or tadpole shaped, a large first dorsal fin proceeded closely by a larger second dorsal fin, moderately sized, paddle shaped pectoral fins, very large pelvic fins and anal fin and a moderately-sized caudal fin with no crest of denticles. The mouth of the embryo was wide open.
Cutting edges of crests are enhanced by denticles in early growth (and slight wear) stages; minor denticle remnants are present on crest [C.sub.3] of the holotype SMU 70434, and on crest [C.sub.3] of FMNH PF627.
I measured the length of the longest denticle (tooth row), hereafter termed mouth width, and the maximum distance between the first denticle on the upper labi um and the last denticle on the lower labium, hereafter termed mouth length (Fig.