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having toothlike projections in the margin

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Neurogenesis in the adult brain is a normal process to generate new neurons and occurs throughout life in restricted brain regions, which is called neurogenic regions, such as the subgranular zone (SGZ) of the dentate gyrus (DG) of the hippocampus and the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricle in mammals.
After anoproctoscopy and proper identification of position and degree of haemorrhoids, haemorrhoidal tissue was grasped with Elise's tissue forceps through Barron's Gun and rubber band was placed at insensitive area above the dentate line.
Characteristic, frequent TDP-43 immunoreactive lesions of HS were present in the subiculum, CA1, and dentate gyrus, as well as within adjacent limbic structures (amygdalae, entorhinal cortex) and in basal forebrain.
To narrow down their search, Medrihan and Sagi focused on a particular group of cells called cholecystokinin (CCK)-expressing neurons in the part of the brain known as the dentate gyrus.
The canonical niches for neural stem cells (NSCs) in the brain are the subventricular zone and the dentate gyrus [7].
Extranuclear estrogen receptor beta immunoreactivity is on doublecortin-containing cells in the adult and neonatal rat dentate gyrus.
Among dentate adults, those participating in the CSFP were more likely to have substantial oral debris (23.
Further experiments in wild-type mice showed that experimental lowering of BRCA1 levels in the dentate gyrus caused neuronal dysfunction and shrinkage, as well as impairments in synaptic plasticity, excessive neuronal excitability, spatial learning and memory deficits, and increased DNA damage.
Regarding the hippocampus, the SB group showed a significant increase in the number of cells surviving in the dentate gyrus compared to control.
The subgranular zone (SGZ) of dentate gyrus (DG) in the adult hippocampus is a crucial target of SD effects because, in this, regions in new neurons (neurogenesis) are generated throughout life [10-12].
Cocoa flavanols, which improve function of a specific age-related memory portion of the brain called the dentate gyrus; omega-3 fatty acids to improve recognition memory, spatial memory, and adverse response retention; combination of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid, which two pilot studies show can benefit memory, mood, and cognitive function; walnuts to delay the onset of (or slow progression of) Alzheimer's disease in mice; citicoline to protect the brain from free radical damage; choline to prevent brain chemistry changes that result in cognitive decline; magnesium for those who've experienced a concussion; and blueberries to increase neural signaling in brain center.
The flavanols are thought to improve neuronal connections in a brain region called the dentate gyrus, which is involved in age-related memory decline.
Adult brains make new nerve cells, or neurons, in the dentate gyrus, part of the hippocampus--a seahorse-shaped region that plays an important role in learning and memory.