dental surgeon

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a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures

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Durdans Dental Clinic offers patient-centric care based on effective communication between the patient and the dental surgeon.
Dentists have a good news that the President of Pakistan at present is himself a well-known dental surgeon but the bad news is that he won't help them as he seems to be least interested.
'If a mouth ulcer persists for more than two weeks it should be properly examined by a qualified dental surgeon,' he said.
The Army also named its new chief dental surgeon Col.
Key words: Hepatitis B Vaccination, dental surgeon and dental assistants, communicable disease, occupational hazards.
On April 8, the PSC published a circular for 39th special BCS to recruit 4,542 doctors and 250 dental surgeons. A total of 32,583 aspirants applied against 4,542 doctor posts while 5,150 against 250 dental surgeon posts.
Ghanekar was also a theatre artist and dental surgeon.
HARIPUR: A dental surgeon had been arrested by the police on Wednesday over suspicion of being involved in the murder of his wife, a gynaecologist.
Murtaza from YDA said and that still in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in most of the district headquarter hospital and Teaching Hospital as well as in RHCs there was no one dental surgeon available.
Dental surgeon Nizar Abdul Rahman, working in Abu Dhabi for 16 years, said: "An outfit is a symbol of identity and belonging, and donning the UAE's national clothing is our way of saying 'thank you' to the country, our home now.
There are unconfirmed reports from Bild that the doctor is a senior dental surgeon.
"It's a pity my dentist doesn't look like that" BBC Wimbledon commentator Andrew Castle runs into trouble for his remarks about former beauty queen and dental surgeon Jennifer Bate, girlfriend of British tennis player Marcus Willis.
NEW data has revealed a "decade of inertia in access to dentistry" as the latest figures show a drop in the number of people seen by an NHS dentist, a leading dental surgeon has said.
Vila was also the dental surgeon of then President Fidel V.