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a procedure employed by a dentist

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The dental procedures performed were: dental extractions 84%(MR) and 68% (NMR), restorative procedures 87.3%(MR) and 12.7%(NMR).
This is present perceived pain of some dental procedure.
The two letters confirm that students were getting regular visits by a dentist and all normal dental procedures were not to be stopped for this nutritional study.
Editorial Note: The case reported here is consistent with transmission of HIV to a patient during an invasive dental procedure, although the possibility of another source of infection cannot be entirely excluded.
Table I shows the range of cash allowances that plans had specified for selected dental procedures. In 1986, plans typically paid from $15 to $50 for most routine dental examinations, while simple fillings were seldom reimbursed for more than $25.
Similarly, if a patient has reached his or her deductible and is in need of a particular dental procedure but waits until the new year to make an appointment, they will need to meet a brand-new deductible, which may be a higher than the previous plan.
BACKSTORY: Bong can now smile as Sandiganbayan OKs furlough for dental procedures
When an anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication is interrupted prior to a dental procedure, there is an increased risk for thromboembolic events.
A veterinarian or certified veterinary technician spends two hours on a dental procedure, says Lesli Groshong, DVM, chief veterinarian at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.
The vast majority of infective endocarditis patients did not have a dental procedure within 2 weeks before the onset of symptoms.
(1) These accumulations of air are rare after a dental procedure. We report the case of a woman who developed subcutaneous emphysema after she had undergone a dental restoration procedure.
Sealants were the ninth most common dental procedure among children in 2003, a year in which about 240,000 patients submitted claims for such services.
Centers for Disease Control reported that a dentist may have infected a patient with HIV while performing an invasive dental procedure. (1) Since then, Kimberly Bergalis, a former patient, has gone public with her story and two additional patients of the same dentist have been found to be infected with strains of HIV closely related to the dentist's strain.
Thorough documentation of the accidental aspiration and ingestionof foreign objects during dental procedure is necessary: review and analysis of 617 cases.
The rate of ONJ was slightly higher among those who reported having had an invasive dental procedure (such as an implant, tooth extraction, or jaw surgery), but the overall rate was extremely low (5.2 cases for every 10,000 patient-years).
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