dental procedure

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a procedure employed by a dentist

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to undergo the dental procedures at the Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center in Makati City.
The dental procedure group was subdivided into a group that received antibiotics and one that didn't.
it is suggested that the case be reviewed more closely to consider interruption of therapy prior to the dental procedure.
The objectives were to explore dental anxiety at various levels in different dental procedures among patients visiting Dental Hospital.
How to improve your smile (part 1) Cosmetic dental procedures are one way of improving the look of your smile.
A veterinarian or certified veterinary technician spends two hours on a dental procedure, says Lesli Groshong, DVM, chief veterinarian at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.
Tavares was soon admitted into the Maui Medical Center after the dental procedure, since she did not not regain consiousness.
The first general anaesthetic that children receive, is usually for a dental procedure.
For the last half-century, we have emphasized to our patients the importance of antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental procedures in order to prevent the rare, but life-threatening infective endocarditis.
Undergoing narcotic sedation for a dental procedure can increase the possibility of an infection, says Dr.
Any dental procedure that has the potential to aerosolize saliva will cause airborne contamination with organisms from some or all of these sources.
Bobby Darin apparently contracted endocarditis after a dental procedure and reportedly did not take his antibiotics.
In this population, any invasive dental procedure is ideally completed before the start of high-dose bisphosphonate therapy.
In fact, one author found that the cumulative risk to a child of transient bacteremia from tooth brushing twice daily for a 1 year was 154,000 times greater than from a single tooth extraction, the dental procedure believed most likely to cause bacteremia.
This is anticipated or imagined pain of some dental procedure.