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The authors used the observations of dental practitioners and the children's caregivers to find the most common lingering effects of oral sedatives and the best ways to care for patients who had been sedated.
Present data revolves around the impact of educational intervention on cross infection prevention strategies which includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), immunization of the dental practitioner itself, sterilization of dental equipments, presence of separate processing area, surface disinfection of the floor and proper ventilation system in the clinic.
The dental practitioner, whether it be the dental assistant or dental hygienist, twists, leans, bends and maneuvers their body in order to perform their duties.
Currently, only 2 states, Alaska and Minnesota, allow a mid-level dental practitioner to practice with somewhat different scopes of practice (Table I).
A dental hygienist would qualify by completing at least one year of dental practitioner education and training as established by the board by rule.
The ministry plans to submit amendments to the Medical Practitioner Law, the Dental Practitioner Law and the nurse law to parliament during a 150-day regular Diet session convening in January.
The code of ethics for dentists specifies certain duties and rights of a dental practitioner, including the welfare of patients.
It is important for every dental practitioner to have liaison with a hospital or facility which can efficiently manage medical emergencies.
Designing a mouth guard for young athletes can be a challenge for the dental practitioner due to the athletes' mixed dentition and constant changes including tooth eruption and facial growth.
Under the terms of Law No 409 of July 24, 1985, the profession of dental practitioner (odontoiatra) may be exercised not only by persons holding the specific diploma that was recently created for dentists, but also by doctors that have supplemented their medical training with a specialisation in the field of dentistry.
This state-of-the-art system provides the dental practitioner with benefits and features unsurpassed by any comparable system available today.
has released a new electronic dental record solution for patient file-sharing, dentist-to-dentist communication, and dental practitioner collaboration created to increase efficiency and improve patient care.
5") provides key information about pharmacologic agents used by the dental practitioner in general or specialty practice.
Present electric technology delivers to the dental practitioner cutting instruments that are more efficient than air turbines can supply.
Professor Philip Rood, a dental practitioner from King's College London, said John Evans-Appiah had given a dentist the go ahead to proceed with an extraction under local anaesthetic when he realised tragic 10-year-old Darren Denholm wasn't fully unconscious.