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He said that it has been observed that doctors and dentists were practicing without having valid license as per Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations, 2008.
He said that as per PMDC regulation only those names will be retained on the register who have paid the dues of the council and only these names will be considered to have valid registration.He said that through its public notice, all medical and dental practitioners, specialists and faculty with expired or invalid registration have been asked to get their PMDC registration renewed within two months, with failing which the council will initiate strict action in the exercise of its powers conferred under PMDC ordinance 1962.He said that the council has planned to take strict action against the doctors having invalid council registration.
To remain competitive, general dental practitioners have to incorporate dental implants as one of the alternatives in their treatment planning.
The authors used the observations of dental practitioners and the children's caregivers to find the most common lingering effects of oral sedatives and the best ways to care for patients who had been sedated.
Aims: To assess the impact of educational interventions on knowledge and practices of private dental practitioners.
The dental practitioner, whether it be the dental assistant or dental hygienist, twists, leans, bends and maneuvers their body in order to perform their duties.
Directive 2005/36/EC consolidates into one single piece of legislation fifteen directives, including twelve sectoral directives covering the professions of doctor, nurse responsible for general care, dental practitioner, veterinary surgeon, midwife, pharmacist and architect, and three directives that introduced a general system of recognition of professional qualifications and covered most other regulated professions.
I HAVE been a dental practitioner in the Hillfields area of Coventry for more than 30 years, and I would like to acquiesce in the stance maintained by the joint executives of the Coventry PCT (Your Say, March 3).
A general dental practitioner who is a full time associate can expect to earn pounds 48,000-pounds 66,000.
Although it may not be easy to locate a dental practitioner who will provide comprehensive services for persons with DD, parents of children and adults with special needs can succeed in this most important endeavor by becoming a VIP: vigilant, involved and persistent.
The ministry plans to submit amendments to the Medical Practitioner Law, the Dental Practitioner Law and the nurse law to parliament during a 150-day regular Diet session convening in January.
Dr Hassan added that according to the rules, no one other than a registered medical or dental practitioner shall practice medicine or dentistry.
Hollins, a dental practitioner and facilitator of dental nurse training courses in the UK, provides trainee dental nurses preparing for the UK's National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) National Diploma in Dental Nursing exam with a study guide.
It is important for every dental practitioner to have liaison with a hospital or facility which can efficiently manage medical emergencies.13 Some of the more encouraging findings in this study were that 78.3% dentists had prior arrangements with hospitals for management of emergency situations and 63.10% had access to ambulance.