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Synonyms for literature

Synonyms for literature

the humanistic study of a body of literature


published writings in a particular style on a particular subject

the profession or art of a writer

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To the best of our knowledge, the case series of patients rehabilitated with dental implants being slim and short, for the retention of mandibular overdenture, has only once been presented in the dental literature for 8 mm MDI intraosseous length [16], while it has not been presented for the 6 mm short MDIs.
Impacted permanent molars have been extensively recorded, but the uniqueness of kissing molars or rosette formation is not widely reported in the dental literature. This condition may occur in isolation or in addition to other conditions (4).
While color instrumentation and shade match- ing procedures have been widely addressed in dental literature, the most popularly used shade guides have not changed much through the last 50 years.
The majority of respondents (71.3%) felt that knowledge of biostatistics is necessary while evaluating dental literature.
The dental literature suggests that pool water with a low pH can cause very rapid and extensive dental erosion (Centerwall et al.
This short introductory section is based on a reading of the existing dental literature. This should be quite brief as it is not the introduction to a thesis or a manuscript for publication but simply makes the case for doing the research.
The first ceramic material used for the CEREC 1 was the Mark I Vitablocs (Vident Zahnfabrik, Bad Sackingen, Germany) and has the longest clinical track record in the dental literature. (4) It was a fine-particle, feldspar-based ceramic that could be pressed into a block and then machined into a dental restoration.
A bibliometric analysis of the pediatric dental literature in MEDLINE.
In addition to dental product evaluation information, visitors to the DECS Web site will find dental infection control information, dental literature reviews, and CE lectures.
The second edition features a new chapter on searching the dental literature via the Internet, a rewritten chapter clarifying the information on diagnostic tests and measurements in clinical practice, expanded sections on statistics to include more information on basic statistical principles, and updated and expanded treatment of several topics including argument maps, abductive logic, real-world research, and Simpson's paradox.
A literature review revealed only four other reports of iatrogenic dental bur lodgment in the maxillary sinus, all of which are in the dental literature. Otolaryngologists, who might be required to deal with this complication, must be knowledgeable about its management.
I will then provide a representative and selective (not exhaustive or all-inclusive) review of behavioral approaches that appear in the dental literature, followed by a review of more strictly behavioral approaches that have been applied to the dental environment (recognizing, of course, that there is no clear dividing line between these two categories).
KB: The reason for using doxycycline dated back to a paper I had read in the dental literature a decade earlier, published by Dr.