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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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In cases where bodies of the deceased have begun port-mortem changes, the police have been able to rely upon dental identification due to the natural resilience of teeth.
Burned beyond recognition: Systematic approach to the dental identification of charred human remains.
of Alabama at Birmingham Maxillofacial CBCT Imaging Center) offer a manual of forensic odontology that covers the history and science of forensic odontology, including significant cases in history; dental identification and radiographic features; disaster victim identification; missing and unidentified persons; abuse and violence; jurisprudence and expert witness testimony; and organizations and courses in the field.
Challenges of Developing an Automated Dental Identification System, 2004, Vol.
"The dental identification is just 100-percent solid, absolutely no question," said Edward Pavlik, who ran the tests.
In order to avoid future mass casualty identification problems, personnel regulations were modified to make adequate dental identification records a requirement for operational troop movement.
Coverage encompasses death investigation systems, human identification, fingerprints and DNA evidence, and forensic anthropology, in addition to forensic dental radiography and photography, dental identification in multiple fatality accidents, bite marks, and evidence management.
But he said Fraser had admitted he had burned the body, crushed and scattered the remains and ground up Arlene's teeth to prevent dental identification.