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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Dental biofilm and laboratory microbial culture models for cariology research.
Effect of organic acids in dental biofilm on microhardness of a silorane-based composite.
In situ effects of restorative materials on dental biofilm and enamel demineralisation.
coli), concluding that the use of AgNPs immersed into elastomeric modules could potentially combat the dental biofilm decreasing the incidence of dental enamel demineralization during the orthodontic treatments [20].
The natural products with polyphenolic compounds is studied effective in altering the oral microbiota, suppress the development of dental biofilm and reduce the progression of dental caries.
Brecx, "Influence of low direct electric currents and chlorhexidine upon human dental biofilms," Clinical and Experimental Dental Research, vol.
The authors concluded that the addition of natural antimicrobial agents to dentifrices can act as an adjuvant in the mechanical control of the dental biofilm. Another in vitro study evaluated the antimicrobial activity of 9 toothpastes against MS in individuals with high bacterial levels in saliva, and observed the inhibition of MS, concluding that the combination of natural ingredients can help maximize the performance of toothpastes against the main bacterium that causes tooth decay (Rosell et al.
The majority of these studies investigate the control of dental biofilm (bacterial plaque), such as the gel and extract of Punica granatum (pomegranate) [7, 8], Lippia sidoides (alecrim pimenta) [9], Coffea arabica (coffee) [10], and Rheedia brasiliensis (bacupari) [11].
To have a beneficial effect in limiting or preventing dental caries, a probiotic must be able to adhere to dental surfaces and integrate into the bacterial communities making up the dental biofilm. It must also compete with and antagonize the cariogenic bac teria and thus prevent their proliferation.
They should be guided in the elimination and/or reduction of dental biofilm and health promotion.
Effect of sucrose concentration on dental biofilm formed in situ and on enamel demineralization.
The periodontium responds to the aggression of the bacterial dental biofilm through inflammation, the moment of evolution and of inflammatory extension in the periodontium support tissues, marking the transformation of the gingivitis and superficial chronically marginal periodontitis into deep chronically marginal periodontitis.
Price and the efficacy of the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape for the removal of the proximal dental biofilm compared to the common nylon dental floss in adolescents and young adults
worked with dental biofilm and found a significant reduction of biofilm cells when treated with CHX first and plasma later.