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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Table 7: Number of Dental Implant Companies by Region for
Role of Core Beam Computing Tomography in Dental Implantations II-22
Factors Resulting in Failure of Dental Implants II-23
In addition to working in Microbiology, SPC Campbell works in a combined effort with the Dental Materials Department to test the adherence of bacteria to dental materials and dental surfaces.
Looking around and finding dental assistants side by side with researchers is quite novel.
Dental fear has reached an epidemic level affecting almost 50 million people in the United States.
Dental fear perpetuates a vicious cycle (Ronis, Hansen, & Anton, 1995).
At rising medical costs force a greater number of employers to reexamine their employee-benefit packages, many continue to eliminate several or most of their offerings, including dental and vision plans.
About 30% of employers with fewer than 100 employees don't offer any type of dental coverage, said Warren Steele, senior vice president and assistant director of marketing for Aflac Inc.
The significance of preventing dental disease and maintaining oral health in people with disability cannot be overemphasized.
Although in recent years the oral health of the population as a whole has improved significantly, people with disability continue to have serious dental problems and remain underserved in dental care.
Figure 45: CAD/CAM Dental Systems, Saudi Arabia, Company Share (%), 2010 103
Figure 47: Dental Biomaterials, Saudi Arabia, Company Share (%), 2010 107
For patients who do not have dental insurance, the Bright Now Dental Network affiliated offices offer the ConfiDent([R]) dental discount program.
There are no benefits payable to enrollees, nor does ConfiDent([R]) compensate dental care providers for services they may render to employees.