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Synonyms for densitometer

a measuring instrument for determining optical or photographic density

a measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity

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Work with your ink vendor to decide on proper density settings for your CMYK solids and have a well calibrated densitometer ready to measure all filter readings in the gray bar for CMYK.
The workflow combines the release of several products--the GS-900 calibrated densitometer, Image Lab 5.0 software and QC Colloidal Coomassie stain--with the company's Criterion precast gels and Precision Plus Protein standards.
The team has looked at the engineering techniques used in developing instruments for space technology to develop a retinal densitometer, which can measure the change in the eye.
However, the specialist cameras, light technology and software have now been adapted to create a unique 'retinal densitometer,' which picks up the earliest stages of AMD by measuring how the eye responds to light, Sky News reported.
The team has looked at the techniques used in developing space technology instruments to develop a retinal densitometer, which can measure the change in the eye.
Other additions include a battery operated densitometer for cell suspension turbidity measurements, the DEN-1B; an orbital shaker-incubator ES-80; a mini vertical rotator, the PTR-25; an adjustable angle and speed platform rocker, the PMR-100; and a PCR UV cabinet, the UVT-B-AR.
Beta Industries has introduced the XPress densitometer. All units are "One Touch" programmable for up to as many as four working "OK" sheet standards and feature "Pass/Fail" Red/Green flashing LEDs to instantly and automatically tell the user when measurements are within the desired printing tolerance or if press correction is needed for density, dot gain, gray balance, L*a*b, Delta E (S7 units), and other parameters.
(6) The instruments used to read these films are an Ihara model R710 color reflection densitometer (Figure 2) (7) an Ihara model T500 black and white transmission densitometer, (7) and an FWT model FWT-91R radiachromic reader.
This design is also convenient for reading with a Vitek densitometer.
The on-demand color printing solution comes with a color densitometer built in to check the ink density while the job is running.
Review the calibrated density "standard" provided by the manufacturer; this small bit of film helps you verify and adjust densitometer readings.
MIAMI -- A densitometer with a movable detector system that allows hip and spine scans to be combined into one exam doesn't appear to compromise accuracy or precision, according to the findings of an independent assessment.
As with any ink, it is necessary to measure the optical density of the ink with a densitometer or spectrodensitometer to ensure correct color and print quality.