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Synonyms for denseness

the quality of being mentally slow and limited

the spatial property of being crowded together

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"A Note on the Nowhere Denseness of Societies having an Equilibrium under Majority Rule." Econometrica 47 (March): 511-4.
It has a denseness that is Germanic, not in the parodiable mode of Teutonic over-writing but rather in taking its tone from the German gift for complex aphorism.
His sudden, intense awareness of the "solid and heavy and sweet" denseness of physical nature provokes in him "a sharp sweet urgency, a need to act, to run and catch" (p.
Herttrich's more spacious layout of the score follows the arrangement in the manuscript and appears much less cluttered than the rearranged order of the vocal parts adopted by Hess, who adds tempo, dynamics, and articulations in parentheses and brackets, further contributing to the denseness of the score and betraying a lack of editorial discrimination.
or any kind of obvious narrative connection." Instead, it derives from the analogy between the uniform density of Rauschenberg's arrangements and the equivalent nature of memory: "as one remembers experience," she maintains, "each memory image seems to function for recall in a way that is independent of whether it happened or not, or what degree of denseness it had when we experienced it.
Altogether, this is a formidable task, as the denseness of the chapter on Cumberland Sound kin and local groups demonstrates.
But given the disciples' misunderstandings and denseness in recent incidents, they can also symbolize personal decisions, commitments, opinions and identities that hinder the life-giving visions Jesus offers.
The prose's very denseness and ambiguity lend the novel its peculiar strength, for in a contradictory way the complexity makes for an understanding that is sometimes less than apparent or is even comprehended intuitively.
Yet as she learns more of Taylor's secrets - which (to me) reveal petty narcissism and willful denseness about the effects of Taylor's acts upon others - she is shaken by their supposed profundity.
Distinguished by its cream-edged leaves, this variegated pachysandra has the toughness and weed-defeating denseness of its all-green counterpart.
Jesus' love for his disciples is evident in his patience toward them, even in their denseness. (This is particularly evident in the farewell discourses, although in his concluding prayer Jesus speaks of his disciples as if they possess understanding.) Jesus, of course, lays down his life for his disciples (friends); thus 'Jesus' death is an expression of the highest which is attainable in loving' (p.
So once sought as a cheap replacement for ebony, this wood's denseness, oiliness and exceptional finishing properties make it a good choice all on its own.
By finite dimensionality over C and denseness, g is surjective and has kernel [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
We walk all around and note the fullness of the boughs and the denseness of the foliage.
Adds Rhoton, "When fragipans are disrupted by deep chiseling, soils in the pan tend to reseal and regain their denseness. If high concentrations of iron and silica are responsible for this denseness, we can apply amendments that will displace them or block their negative effects."