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  • verb

Synonyms for denounce

Synonyms for denounce

to feel or express strong disapproval of

to make an accusation against

Synonyms for denounce

to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful

announce the termination of, as of treaties

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give away information about somebody

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Participants shouted slogans denouncing violence and political assassinations.
The protesters marched through the streets and chanted slogans denouncing the East African bloc and the UN-backed Somali government.
Summary: Ankara, Turkey, May 31, 2010, SPA -- Around 10,000 Turks are marching from Israel&'s Consulate in Istanbul toward the city&'s main square, shouting slogans denouncing Israel after 10 pro-Palestinian activists were reported killed and dozens wounded by Israeli forces.
The statement underlined the need to spread the culture of resistance in all forms, denouncing at the same time all the excuses used by imperialist states to subdue the nations.
Summary: The Lebanese Option Gathering (LOG) issued a statement on Wednesday denouncing what it said were the opposition's attempts to block the cabinet formation process.
But in denouncing what MP Baily wrote, isn't Alan Hill also guilty of denying someone their opinions?
So, day after day, Big Mama would kneel on a pile of straw in front of a crowd as Zhou screamed at her for taking in extra money as a seamstress, denouncing her as a "capitalist" and accusing her of harboring a "petty-bourgeois sensibility." Then the two would return home together and Big Mama would cook dinner for the household, with no one mentioning the day's events.
It did not entirely satisfy me to narrate wrongs; I felt like denouncing them."
EU Foreign Ministers attending the External Relations Council in Brussels on December 12 held back from publishing a report denouncing Israel's de facto policy of annexation in East Jerusalem.
In terms of laws to tackle terrorism, instead of activists denouncing any and all special legal powers granted courts and governments in this fight, how about acknowledging that organized terrorism does pose certain tricky legal questions and, from there, attempt to craft responses that, unlike those proposed by the right, don't result in the creation of legal black holes for terrorism suspects?
While denouncing law-abiding Americans, President Bush embraced the head of the Mexican government.
In discussing cunning-folks' moral status, Davies shows that while the elites fluctuated between denouncing them as frauds and denouncing them as Devilish, ordinary people continued to patronize them as long as they fulfilled their perceived needs, and only stopped when their services came to seem irrelevant.
A resolution denouncing a war against Iraq, with the anti-Patriot Act amendment added, passed handily because most faculty felt "the law is an overreaction by Congress to the September 11 terrorist attacks."
"The act of resistance means not only refusing to accept the absurdity of the world-picture offered us, but denouncing it.
Birmingham pastors responded to these entreaties by joining the American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression and denouncing Japan as "an Oriental highwayman out for booty and plunder." (12)