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  • verb

Synonyms for denounce

Synonyms for denounce

to feel or express strong disapproval of

to make an accusation against

Synonyms for denounce

to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful

announce the termination of, as of treaties

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give away information about somebody

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Like denouncers, those who worked in apartment buildings served to buttress the patriarchal authority of the tsarist state by providing the authorities with a network to supervise women deemed to be suspicious.
Jacobo Timerman was one of the main denouncers of the horrors of the dirty wars in the late seventies and eighties, and, at the same time, he expressed very critical views of Israel policies during the first Lebanon war.
Tipped off that the two men were ferocious denouncers of Israel, Gysi canceled the invitation.
Unlike the Norton Black Arts denouncers, Toure views theBlack Arts movement as part of the Golden Era:
While the Polish collaborators, blackmailers and denouncers did exist, a sizable contingent of Polish resistors and rescuers more accurately characterized the German--occupied country.
It's time, though, we ask ourselves what constitutes racism: the usual denouncers take the simplistic view that racism is drawing attention to the perceived anti-social aspects of life pursued by small numbers of in-comers.
Over the years, I have worked with many Arab Muslims and Christians who are true believers in the Almighty and just happen to have more progressive views in political and social issues than their reactionary denouncers. Defaming these people as unbelievers goes against the rules of human decency.
If the prime minister continuously targets a specific social group, then informers and denouncers will certainly step in to join the slander campaign.
The fictional family includes a climate scientist, his lover (also a climate scientist), his teenage daughter, his twin sister and her husband (denouncers of climate science), an uncle, a frog, and a piece of land.
was implicated for causing sickness and sometimes death to people known or related to the denouncers. Though we do not hear Maria Vasquez's voice in the available record, it is clear that she had a long familiarity with the people in her community in Salaya, Michoacan.
(20) The claim of the denouncers of scandalous fakery is that reality is being masked, and the purpose of denunciation is to reveal this reality through exposing fakery.
Soviet denouncers of "American fascism"--the dogma which remained in circulation until the early 1960s--attempted to establish ideological proximity between American politicians, businessmen, and opinion-makers, and Hitler and his clique.
After dispatching the deniers and the denouncers of the Diary to the anonymity they deserve, Ms.
Conservatives need to look back to William Cobbett, Thomas Carlyle, and John Ruskin, who were critics of authoritarian statism as well as denouncers of self-serving capitalism.