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one that accuses

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The denouncer gave detailed information about Siricheva's place of residence and claimed that she sold sex at "all the hotels in Riga" while working under the guise of a singer at the Eldorado Restaurant.
Some people always reject the denunciation of any familiar social institution or conduct unless the denouncer offers a "constructive criticism"--that is, unless he puts forward a promising plan to eliminate the evil he denounces.
D'Holbach specifically critiqued religion, not from within as a believer working for reform or expressing doubts or constructively struggling with God, but as a furious denouncer of God's existence who claimed that believing in God was a gross immorality.
Mr Cameron set himself up as a denouncer of tax sinners so it would be immoral of him to suddenly take a vow of silence.
Remarkably, Stuart Wilson - mature student, candid critic, "great believer in freedom of speech", denouncer of accommodation as "***hole" - turns out to be one of the least objectionable.
The short conclusion is mainly a comment on the pros and cons of denouncing scandalous matters, because both the denounced and denouncer can be polluted by their outcomes.
Notice that I say 'nonbeliever' rather than strict opponent to religious belief or against religious belief, for it is clear that Wittgenstein, himself, was unsure what to make of religious belief and is therefore not placing himself as defender or denouncer, but rather critical examiner.
(6) Here we have, evidently, the split subject speaking, the problem of subjectivity (not just "the best minds of my generation" but that "I have seen the best minds") disavowing his own jouissance (the pleasure of the activist, of the denouncer), addressing the master, the U.S.
Bodyguards of Erdogan stepped up security measures when another unidentified denouncer said the prime minister was the target, they also wrote.
Unlike many radicals, he was no mere denouncer. He so believed in America that he believed it could transcend itself.
Ricklefs quotes an 1879 poem by a certain Nur Yakimbalaka who was originally a syncretist and then spent eight years as a devoutly puritanical Muslim (putihan, santri or kaum), only to return to his syncretic practices as a denouncer of pious hypocrisies.
Parrish reports that the wife of the richest man in Salem was arrested for witchcraft, but her influential husband accused the denouncer's father of defamation and had him arrested also.
This is how Paul, outsider and virulent denouncer of the church, was dragged to the center of it to be its signature architect.
Last night, Hans hit back: "He's a professional denouncer. He wasn't present in my pub, so I made sure to give him the banning order by registered letter.