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the outcome of a complex sequence of events

the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work

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That's an unexpected but beautiful denouement for a reality show that starts out being about so-called unlovable 'freaks'-but ultimately proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
As the FA Cup moves towards its denouement goals become rarer and cards become more plentiful'
Leaving aside the lack of bloodshed (indeed, the prohibition on shedding blood is the critical twist in the denouement of the play - "This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood"), the play is set in Venice.
If they win their two-legged play-off against the Cornish Pirates it could all end in the courts - a messy denouement to something that should have been sorted out months ago.
Warwickshire lunched at 216 for eight with just the denouement left in this magnificent math.
Well, tonight, in a double-bill, fans of TV's most gripping drama get to see the denouement of this superb political thriller that wraps things up in explosive fashion.
Summary: So much has been written about the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that is seems the country has witnessed the court's denouement several times over.
His time at LA Galaxy is reaching its denouement and he will look elsewhere just as soon as he finds out what denouement means.
Another records Mubarak's response to the charges of corruption and complicity in the butchery of around 850 protesters during the 18-day revolution that led to his own denouement.
Elle considere avec perspi-cacite les notions de recit minimal, de nouement et de denouement, et de la narrabilite ainsi que le role du lecteur dans la narrativisation d'un texte.
The denouement is shattering and, although the ending contains a glimmer of hope, the reader knows that Katherine has a long way to go before life will be 'normal' for her.
His lack of acting skills becomes apparent in the unfunny denouement - he's only asking for help from his sex y Ital ian neighbour because he wants to seduce her.
Chapters recount meticulous historical and military details, from events at the Battle of Seven Pines and Seven Days to the Second Bull Run and Antietam, to Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, to Gettysburg, the retreat from Pennsylvania, and the war's denouement up to Lee's surrender at Appomattox.
For this week's Vox Tablet, she reads an excerpt that chronicles the denouement of an ill-fated romance.
After mix-ups and coincidences to parallel a variety of literary romances the story draws to a satisfying conclusion with a single paragraph denouement .