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Synonyms for denotive

Synonyms for denotive

having the power of explicitly denoting or designating or naming


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Gao's attempt to wed word and image is touchingly affirmative and oddly stubborn, given that he otherwise conceives literature and painting as irreconcilable (119), the one denotive, the other visionary.
Therefore, the question should not be to what extent the WTO is democratic but to what purpose features denotive of a wider social understanding of democracy serve?
(This denotive value is the product of Persian Gulf remaining resources in Table 4, and the $50 illustrative price.) Although $75 trillion is not a valuation, it can give an indication of the order of magnitude of petroleum value in the region and its importance to the world economy.
For the Frenchman, indistinctness became increasingly necessary to the act of painting itself, because by denoting things that could barely be seen (such as buildings on the Thames as viewed through fog), he made it so much easier for himself to free colour and tone from their denotive shackles.
Lindsey's works are non-aesthetic because they function primarily in the denotive mode, rather than the exemplary or expressive modes, the hallmarks of aesthetic symbolism.