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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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A recursive algorithm computing the factorial of a positive integer number typically uses the following recursive denotational specification, where N denotes the set of positive integer numbers:
Scott, "Domains for denotational semantics," in Automata, Languages and Programming, vol.
Categorizations such as {P} and {P;N} are distinguished by combinations of primary features: the representation for may is simple, involving uncombined presence of the predicational feature, P; that for leave includes also the referential feature N, in recognition of its denotational capacity.
And many more will question Miller's decision to omit references to reputable sources--for example, concerning the Abakua influence on the Aponte rebellion of 1812 and the 1844 Conspiracy of La Escalera, or the denotational consistency of African ethnonyms in the colonial period--that contradict his own conclusions.
Language, the mediational tool par excellence, is especially valuable for thinking and communicating because of its denotational and interactional functions (Wortham, 2001).
In its most common guise, this discourse posits individual languages as denotational codes residing in a bounded ethnic group with a distinctive culture and inhabiting its own ecological niche.
In teaching core English courses, meanings beyond the general, literal dictionary denotational uses are not usually emphasized.
In addition, when teaching items of academic vocabulary with a clear semantic prosody, awkward combinations can only be avoided if attention is focused not only on the denotational meaning of the word, but also on its semantic prosody.
(5) Silverstein's observations on the sociological effect of standardization are relevant in both the Basque and Galician contexts: "when a linguistic community has its norm informed by standardization, it is no longer just a group of people who can communicate by presupposing a determinate denotational code (a 'grammar' in the usual sense).
Subsequent chapters investigate topics including cognitive properties of human factors and error models in engineering and socialization, user-centered interactive data mining, denotational semantics of real-time process algebra, and unifying rough set analysis and formal concept analysis based on a logic approach to granular computing.
This view of meaning, sometimes also described as the denotational meaning (Kearns, 2000), takes into consideration the things and events language is thought to make references to.
The denotational significance of music can rarely be pinned down unambiguously.
In the parts of speech map, the predication-reference parameter and the head-modifier parameter each pertain to different functional dimensions, neither of which is connected to the denotational semantics expressed by the linguistic units involved but rather connected to ways in which lexical items are used to create predicating and referring expressions.