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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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In what follows, some useful basic definition and denotations will be introduced.
A host of competing concerns, however, has left denotation increasingly abandoned.
The similarities and differences we see here have to do with a word's denotation and connotation.
Further, Bacon's account of imposition and denotation becomes a reversal of the normal semiotic triangle from Plato and Aristotle down to the thirteenth century.
To achieve a Class II denotation, the current in-stream value of 136 kg/hr has to be reduced to at least 14 kg/hr.
When the dust cleared, I measured and the moon was dropped exactly 44 inches from fingertips to contact and it appears an exact edge of a case rim struck a primer hard enough for the denotation.
These are modals where the modal base B supplied by the context is epistemic and thus the denotation of B is the set of worlds compatible with the relevant information state, without further restrictions (this is the meaning of 'bare' in this context), available to a contextually relevant group of agents.
Russell thinks of propositions as extensions of sentences as sets are extensions of predicates and as its denotation is the extension of a name.
Language's sovereign claim thus consists in an attempt to make sense coincide with denotation, to stabilize a zone of indistinction between the two in which language can maintain itself in relation to its denotata by abandoning them and withdrawing from them into a pure langue (the linguistic "state of exception").
Ricoeur l'a bien vu: <<le desir de verite qui pousse a avancer du sens vers la denotation n'est expressement accorde par Frege qu'aux enonces de science, et parait bien refuse a ceux de la poesie>> (9).
Starting from 1/7/2012 until 31/7/2012 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm of each day, a unit of the army will detonate useless ammunition at Ayoun El-Syman denotation field.
Eschewing the neutral, objective reportage of nor-mative models of documentary, and influenced by the interrogation of photographic language found within certain Conceptual-art practices, Doherty began, early on, superimposing text over image as a means of investigating the relationship between the denotation of a specific place, and what might be described as a poetic nonspecificity.
Sample Weave Fabric Yarn Fabric Open-area denotation density diameter thickness portion (no.
in his analysis of the rhetoric of the image refers to as denotation.
Hence the desire assumes another, complementary form in the dream (impossible to realize, but impossible not to entertain) that connotation would quit its dusky existence for fluorescent literality, would become denotation.