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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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In the case, where the universal kinematics F is known in advance, we use the abbreviated denotation [omega]{l} instead of the denotation [[omega].sup.{l,F}].
where E is expressed in Denotation 1, I is expressed in Theorem 7, and
In this regard, Chairman of the Chamber, Khaled Al Moayyed, said "the attendance of HRH the Premier to the Chamber's Diamond Jubilee celebration is a great honor to the Chamber and the business community of Bahrain, and a clear denotation of the Premier's faith in this deep-rooted organization and its role as well as support to the private sector".
* revise words with both denotation and connotation in mind;
Akin to these are the terms "connotation" and "denotation" from the world of literature.
For those not acquainted with the uniqueness of Roger Bacon's theory of denotation, signification, and the role of equivocation in logical analysis, the translator's introduction will be a good road-map.
He makes clear the denotation of the language of self, hyper-realism and truth in the middle American emancipation of self, waste of sexuality in mid-America, power and the formation of hegemony, terrorism in the language of self as the foundation of future criticism, and isolation and the language of self.
But the word's main denotation is as a vulgar term for "penis." It also has connotations and uses in phrases or as an exclamation that are commonly translated as the f-word.
Referring to Figure 3, the modeling exercise using QUAL2K showed that even at 90% load reduction, the Class II denotation would barely be achieved.
Summary: Israeli denotation of 300 copies of 'Diary of a Young Girl' to Tokyo libraries comes after damage of hundreds of copies.