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the divisor of a fraction

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The medium levels have different denominators and the hard levels work with larger numbers and varied denominators.
Multiple examples are used to emphasize why it is not appropriate to add denominators.
BEIRUT: MP Alain Aoun from MP Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement said the dialogue between his group and the Future Movement was "positive" and participants from both sides showed "a good will to reach understanding on common denominators.
Exposure-based" denominators take into account proportions of trips or distances travelled by each mode, and provide a better basis for comparisons.
Just like other forms of nationalism, Kurdish nationalism places emphasis on differences rather than on common denominators.
For larger prime number denominators your students could now use their calculators.
In a paper, Lucus suggested a model reduction method based on the differentiation technique to overcome the limitations of the method given Lepschy and Viaro [3], Gutman et al [2], proposed a reduction method which preserves stability and involves the differentiation of the numerator and denominator polynomials of the original system to reduce the order of the system.
The denominators (the bottom numbers of the fractions) remain unchanged.
With great interest, I discovered that this confession provided a significant foundation for both common denominators and variations in Baptist life.
The amount and quality of information needed by estimators in all phases of completed demolition projects cost should include the type of information that would provide the costs taken from past completed projects broken down by different cost centers, while at the same dine reflect the percentage, or dollar value, of each cost center as it relates to a series of common denominators used by the demolition industry.
In mining his own experiences for material, Stuart--an openly gay actor who has appeared on The Drew Cagey Show and Will & Grace--manages to find his audience's common denominators.
The denominators of these two expressions are different, and, as you recall from middle school math, fractions with different denominators cannot be added together.
Common denominators happen both intentionally and by accident.
Many quasiparticle partial charges form, equal to certain fractions with odd denominators, but they don't always directly correspond to the fractional resistance steps.
A reconciliation of the numerators and denominators of basic and diluted EPS from continuing operations, including the individual income and per share effects of all securities used in the computations.