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the divisor of a fraction

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This is achieved by dividing the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the greatest factor (number) common to both.
Exhibit 1: A comparison of columns 1, 2 and 3 of Exhibit 1 illustrates the effect of the adjustment on the numerator and/or denominator. Column 2 adjusts only the denominator to negate the effect of the reduced tax rate on the qualified domestic dividend income.
Hall's strategy for developing a denominator for his job-finding rate is to omit the small number of employed jobseekers from the numerator--and thus not include the number employed in the denominator--and to use a definition of unemployed that includes discouraged workers and marginally-attached workers who are not currently in the labor force.
After students mastered the above two steps, the students were taught to determine if the smallest denominator would divide into the largest denominator without a remainder.
"In the case of a data protection/business continuance plan, the common denominator should be an automated tape solution," says Bob Raymond, StorageTek's manager of Tape Product Engineering.
The revenue procedure requires taxpayers to estimate the amount that moves from a 50-percent limitation to 100-percent deductible excluding strata where 80 percent or more of the population was sampled and use that in the denominator of the calculation of relative precision, even though these strata are part of the sample and the sampled items in them are reviewed.
Finding a common Arab denominator for Iraq is not too difficult and must not take too long.
A common denominator of all the projects is that they improve a military installation's strategic mobility.
But the second and more fundamental common denominator is an absence of internal oversight.
Denominator Statement: Total number of ventilator days
Titled "Lowest Common Denominator Lobbying" (May 1983), it describes how Washington lobbyists am prisoners of the worst elements of the group they represent, the loudmouths who can make trouble for them at the group's next convention unless they toe the extremist line.
denominator nm[(2m - 1).sup.2]"; it should read "[dagger] ...
But when it comes to laying down a set Mr C doesn't take the easy route and his aim is to send clubbers home happy `but thinking, what was all that about?' ``That is difficult and that is why 90 per cent of all Djs are crap, going for the lowest common denominator to fill the dance floor.
Still, regardless of these factors, there is a common denominator in managing today's financial aid office, and that common denominator is metrics--the data and trends that need to be maintained, monitored, analyzed, and routinely compared, in order for you to know if you are actually doing the right things, and if you're doing them the right way.
This said, one common denominator is that the world as a whole is in need of redemption.