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Synonyms for denominationalism

a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect or party or denomination

the tendency, in Protestantism, to separate into religious denominations or to advocate such separations

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* In the context of the many challenges the ecumenical movement faces with increasing denominationalism, how do we as women transcend these divisions and contribute to the common ecumenical task?
"The Persistence of Evangelical Denominationalism in the South and the Case for Denominational History: Alabama Baptists." Religion in the Contemporary South: Changes, Continuities, and Contexts, edited by Corrie E.
Among the most basic duties of the authority and the opposition in Egypt - following the end of the electoral duel - is to launch a dialogue that would relinquish the addiction to cheap disputes and define the priorities to mend unity, before sectarianism expands and turns into a plague in a region where sectarianism and denominationalism have become the greatest enemies.
Historical review: denominationalism among the Chinese churches
He added that the name change came about because "it no longer seems important to peg our identity in relation to denominationalism" and because the word "foreign" is outdated.
In the preface Allitt explicitly highlights three motifs and their sources: sociologist Robert Wuthnow's thesis on the declining significance of denominationalism and the rising importance of religious-political affiliation, sociologist Peter Berger's arguments that American religious pluralism requires religious adherents to recognize the socially constructed nature of the beliefs, and historian Laurence Moore's understanding of the American religious marketplace, where individuals can choose their religions.
As the tiny French Protestant minority negotiated its place in Catholic Quebec, they could not afford the rigid denominationalism that often existed in English Canada.
the two had a way of becoming intertwined," (2) pays appropriate attention to synagogue history, the transformation of religious traditions, and the continuing evolution of Jewish denominationalism in the making of "Jewishness." The two books therefore have many similarities.
* Globalization seeks to universalize economic and cultural norms and provokes aggressive identity politics, "fundamentalisms," and denominationalism.
And the church needs women who will push forward with their bold vision of a church where all are welcome, where denominationalism is a thing of the past, where young people feel at home, and where no one gets left behind.
Iyad Alawi, rejected unilateralism in governing the state and denominationalism. 324
In an essay on "The Sources of Black Denominationalism," Mary Sawyer notes that these divisions clearly "revolved around matters of personality and organizational control, although in the case of the PNBC a theological difference over the appropriateness of political activism was also at issue." (6) While Sawyer's appraisal is generally correct, more extensive studies will no doubt reveal greater complexity of events and actions, hence the need for additional research and investigation.
It is thus filled with leaders and plagued with sectarianism and denominationalism, a situation which has grown worse and more complicated after each sect started to enjoy a political platform, an armed militia, a "partisan" media outlet and a foreign source of funding.
These relationships can be a source of strength, but may invite a continuing denominationalism within a united church, or hamper efforts towards union.
Their admiration for northern evangelicals did not weaken their denominationalism. Their identity was decidedly Southern Baptist.