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Synonyms for denominationalism

a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect or party or denomination

the tendency, in Protestantism, to separate into religious denominations or to advocate such separations

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However, in the last few years there seems to be a growing lack of ecumenical enthusiasm and a growing spirit of denominationalism.
Can and do we really need to break away from denominationalism in order to make real progress in Christian unity?
Although some Irish Catholics (notably John Pope-Hennessy, the first Irish Catholic Conservative MP) could be found to argue that Anglican denominationalism was preferable to Nonconformist secularisation, and although the strong identification of British Liberalism with the Italian nationalist attack on the Papal States briefly won significant Catholic electoral support for Conservatism, the Protestant-dominated Irish Tory leadership were wary of Disraelian intrigues with Catholicism, while significant sections of Irish Conservative opinion defected to Lord Palmerston as a more reliable Protestant champion.
Petersen of the Boston Theological Institute on denominationalism and post-denominationalism in American Christianity illustrates the parallels to the Jewish situation.
These two arguments nicely complemented the essay by Ross Wentz treating cooperative denominationalism after the Civil War as evidence of a liberal Christian spirit working through history toward the kingdom of God.
In the introduction, the author includes key analytical terms used throughout the book on matters such as denominationalism, revivalism, immigration, nationalism, and pluralism.
Jewish Unity, Denominationalism, and Postdenominationalism in the United States.
In the marketplace of religious ideas and persuasion, free and competitive denominationalism contradicts the basis of being a Church.
In particular, Adorno examines the radio addresses of the 1940s American evangelist Martin Luther Thomas, who spoke openly against denominationalism as a stagnant, institutionalized form of religion.
s), the rigid denominationalism of religious life in the diaspora, and the aggressive politicization of religious affiliation in Israel.
In their very useful collection Reimagining Denominationalism Robert Mullin and Russell Richey ultimately say no, denominational history is important.
Jewish unity, Denominationalism, and Post-Denominationalism in the United States (New York: American Jewish Committee), 2005; also posted on the AJC.
The reality of American denominationalism has always implicitly permitted switching, especially among Protestants, and there is a long history of creating your own religion if others don't satisfy, whether it's Joseph Smith's Mormonism, Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science or L.
For example, the chapter on religion in America presents the "church" and "sect" theories and reviews the literature on denominationalism while the chapter on fundamentalism and evangelism also reviews the issue of globalization.
He suggests that just as God withdrew blessing from Israel before the exile, so has God now removed His blessing from denominationalism - that ideology that maintains separation between Christians.