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adhering or confined to a particular sect or denomination

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Nominations may be lodged by individuals on their own behalf or by churches and denominational bodies having duly constituted charges or other regularly appointed places of worship within Renfrewshire.
While welcoming this shift in position, the community education group still feel that there are questions that need to be answered: If Gwynedd accept that denominational status is not appropriate for the new campus, what is the point of granting it at all, even on a temporary basis?
Of the 10 people at that table, easily five are not that engaged in denominational issues.
First, can Southern Baptist churches continue to cooperate within the denominational structure?
Most churches denominational and non-denominational alike are independent therefore, financial management and control decisions are made by the leaders or trustees of the church; who are handpicked by the leader.
Ninety-two percent of Ireland's denominational primary schools are run by the Catholic Church, and there are no non-denominational schools.
He joined Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry to discuss his findings, including the fact that the Internet is weakening denominational differences among Jews, that "non-establishment" young Jewish leaders come from surprisingly "establishment" backgrounds, and that the economics of Jewish life deserve a closer look.
The measure did not include faith schools and having listened to arguments from both sides, I decided that any legislation should include denominational schools.
we hope to see in the near future a united Christian Church without any denominational distinctions.
Jesuit theologian and teacher Haight (Jesus Symbol of God) here completes his trans-denominational ecclesiology, which he insists does not alleviate the need for, or compete with, denominational ecclesiologies.
Church, Identity, and Change: Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times.
Confidently recommended for Christians of all denominational backgrounds and denominational affiliations, "Psalms" is informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, educational and inspirational reading.
"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" is strongly recommended to the attention of all Christians, regardless of their denominational affiliation, wanting to 'put Christ back in Christmas'.
As imaginative and engaging as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking, "The Christian Olympics" is enthusiastically recommended as inspirational reading for all practicing Christians regardless of their denominational affiliation.
Now ( in an interim report which follows detailed analysis of the cost-cutting plan ( the county's school transport working group has called for free denominational transport to continue.