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  • noun

Synonyms for denomination

religious group



Synonyms for denomination

those who accept and practice a particular religious belief

a system of religious belief

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for denomination

a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith

a class of one kind of unit in a system of numbers or measures or weights or money

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identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

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He asks my thoughts on Mr Alan Tuckleys comments on The CoE, it is not my place to make open comments on the members of any Christian church or of other religions or beliefs but I think I can honestly say that many who do attend the Christian church, whatever denomination, are uncommitted to the calling and many are one day Christians, I have preached that and I am ready to stand by my words as it is my calling to call and recall people to the Lord's fold.
The SBP, on Monday, directed presidents and chief executive officers (CEOs) of all banks to stop the sale of Rs40,000 denomination prize bonds with immediate effect.
He said due to non-availability of stamps of small denominations the people had to purchase the stamps of Rs300 denomination for making simple affidavits.
Each currency note has the same width of 65 mm whereas lengthwise, each banknote is exactly 08 mm longer than the preceding denomination. Thus the highest denomination banknote of Rs.5000 is 48mm longer than the lowest denomination currency note of Rs.10.
This feature makes banknote denominations easily distinguishable by rubbing the thumb against these raised features.
There was a significant decrease of counterfeited coins in denomination of KM 1, by 33.01%.
However, like the new CHF 10, 20, 50 and 200, KURZ has 'raised the technical bar', as the new CHF 1,000 KV stripe incorporates the denomination numbers in two colours (red and green).
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over the weekend continued in its direct distribution of lower denomination banknotes to marketers, merchants, shopping malls, supermarkets, tollgates among others by visiting the ultra-modern Tejuosho market, Lagos.
Summary: All the earlier series of bank notes in Rs100 denomination will continue to be legal tender
Kyiv: The National Bank of Ukraine will shortly issue new circulating coins of UAH 1 and UAH 2 denomination into circulation.
Global Banking News-April 6, 2018--De La Rue says high denomination notes are needed
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of ten rupees denomination and souvenir sheet of fifty rupees denomination on Pakistan's ICC Champion Trophy victory in England.
Responding to the ever increasing demand of market participants, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited (PMEX), the country's only multi-commodity futures exchange, has listed contracts of higher denomination of actively traded commodities.
Protestants regardless of denomination are often combined into a single group for survey analysis purposes.
This included lower denomination notes (up to Rs.100) of Rs.