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Synonyms for denominate

Synonyms for denominate

assign a name or title to


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Jahan Ara said that Central Bank of Iran (CBI) last year agreed with issuance of 15 thousand billion rial denominated bonds all of them were sold with 20 percent interest rate.
On Tuesday, the Treasury will sell 21-month denominated zero coupon bond.
1984), satisfying a debt instrument denominated in a foreign currency was held not to be a "sale or exchange" in determining the character of the debtor's currency loss.
Intercompany hedges -- You may be inclined to execute intercompany hedges because the "functional currency" concept underlying SFAS 52 requires that intercompany transactions be marked to market if denominated in a currency other than the reporting currency.
or foreign), and the currency in which the loan is denominated.
If the taxpayer disposes of or terminates such a debt instrument prior to maturity in a transaction in which pin or loss would be recognized, the IRS District Director or Assistant Commissioner (International) may require the taxpayer to defer such gain or loss if the debt has in effect been replaced with debt denominated in a different currency entered into with a related person, whether or not the replacement debt is in the taxpayer's functional currency.
Accounting problem: May hedge accounting be used for hedges of intercompany transactions denominated in foreign currencies?
Compared with the bonds denominated by a single currency, SDR-denominated bonds feature more stable income, lower exchange fluctuation and certain risk aversion capacity, which can be conducive to diversifying and internationalizing the allocation of financial assets, reducing the risk exposure and offsetting the exchange rate risk of the single currency.
The share of government debt denominated in euro was 58.
The Treasury held two auctions to sell 5-year (1722-day) TRY denominated fixed-coupon bonds and 7-year (2485 day) TRY denominated floating coupon bonds.
The class '1A' floating rate notes will be dollar-denominated and sterling- denominated and have a legal final maturity of May 2011.
capital markets offer global investors the opportunity to invest their funds in dollar denominated assets valued in the trillions.
If a related-party loan is denominated in a foreign currency and an exchange loss attributable to principal repayments is sustained, there is substantial authority that the loss is currently deductible as an ordinary loss.