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remove nitrogen from

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Either the process would denitrify, recover pH and the blower would come back on or the process wouldn't recover pH, the ORP would continue to fall and the process would begin to generate odor.
"Soils have some capacity to denitrify field leachate, but it generally decreases with soil depth," Moorman says.
Karunaratne, a person who lived with de Soyza told Colombo High Court that he could denitrify those accused at the court hearing.
After it has destroyed the organisms which denitrify your toilet waste, it then percolates into the ground and works its way into the groundwater from which your neighbor (or you!) draws drinking water.
There is evidence that organic N inside the nodules is mineralized to N[H.sub.4.sup.+], followed by nitrification and denitrification [25] by rhizobia due to their capability to denitrify [21, 26] and N can be lost as [N.sub.2]O [27].
A range of Geobacillus species can denitrify nitrates to nitrogen gas (Nazina et al., 2005), and reduction of nitrates and nitrites by cultures similar to strain SG-01 was observed in the present study.
Then facultative or obligate anaerobic bacteria denitrify by oxidizing organic carbon with nitrate and nitrite.