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remove nitrogen from

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"The faster reactive nitrogen is denitrified, the faster you've taken one of those reactive nitrogen molecules out of its 'crime spree' and put it back to where it's not hurting us: says Townsend.
5) indicates the source of the [NO.sub.3] denitrified. In the Kinloch profile, [sup.15]N enrichment of the [N.sub.2]O (approximately 0.4 atom % [sup.15]N) was uniformly very low, which indicates that the gas was nearly entirely derived from the native [NO.sub.3]- source.
Unaccounted for N in our study may have leached lower than 0.6 m in the soil profile (Vetsch et al., 1999), may have been sequestered by roots, denitrified, or lost through N[H.sub.3] volatilization.
Nitrate can also be denitrified and lost as [N.sub.2]O/NO/[N.sub.2] gases to the atmosphere.
The nitrate is denitrified to its nitrogen gaseous forms.
The amount of manure N available for transport into the wetland, i.e., that which is not taken up by crops or denitrified in the upland area, is estimated to be [less than]100 kg N[center dot][ha.sup.-1][center dot][yr.sup.-1] (Lowrance et al.
Under these circumstances, nitrogen is buried rather than denitrified and there is a significant release of ammonia to the water column.
"Ion Exchange With Denitrified Brine Reuse." By Xiaosha Liu, environmental engineer, Stone & Webster Engineering Corp., Houston, Texas; and Dennis A.
The N that was not accounted for was presumably leached in the organic form (dissolved organic N in leachate was not measured) or denitrified. As the permanent fallow had relatively high moisture content (data not shown) because of the absence of plant transpiration, it is likely that denitrification losses were substantial.
"If it is being denitrified, on the other hand, that's more of a steady-state process, and it can probably continue to do that."
The leached nitrate could be adsorbed at anion exchange sites (Rasiah and Armour 2001), denitrified, or enter streams/rivers through lateral-flow and/or aquifers by deep drainage.
Nitrite ([NO.sub.2.sup.-]) generally does not accumulate in soils because it is rapidly transformed to [NO.sub.3.sup.-] or is denitrified to [N.sub.2] gas.
To be denitrified, N[H.sub.4]-based fertilizers must first nitrify, producing N[O.sub.3] or N[O.sub.2].