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(used of statements) harmful and often untrue

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* The ability to address issues with a clear stream of reason gets further affected by stakeholders taking rigid and often inflexible positions on issues leading to destructive and denigrative communication in stakeholder exchanges
(49) Yet as out-of-touch, gentlemanly Orlando responds to Adam's words, he completely misses the injustice of his own class so accurately foreseen by Adam, projecting instead the denigrative authoritarianism visited by the wellborn on servant and vagrant alike:
The 'feminised' treatment of the prisoners does not merely contribute to the codification of homosexuality but is also its own denigrative categorisation: '"They wanted us to feel as though we were women, the way women feel and this is the worst insult, to feel like a woman"' (al-Shweiri, 'Abu Ghraib').
A process of re-authoring the child against a background of denigrative colonial culture and oppressive post-colonial regimes is set in motion.
during war included the hostile, sexually explicit or denigrative types,