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(used of statements) harmful and often untrue

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In a similar statement, Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki urged governments and international organizations to take legal action against blasphemous actions such as films and cartoons denigrating the Prophet.
The airline had also made misleading and denigrating comparisons with competitors and had not stated restrictions that would exclude customers from taking up an offer, the ASA added.
I AGREE with Alan Bower (ECHO Letters, Feb 7) regarding James Howard's letter denigrating The Fourmost.
New York has declared the word "n***r" off limits to whites and blacks alike, after concerns were raised by politicians that the black community were "denigrating themselves".
FIVE Asda staff at Merry Hill were sacked after being accused of denigrating the firm with an offensive four-letter name on a website.
Faulkner suggests these Republican men saw an opportunity to gain a new respectability and did so by asserting "manhood rights" and denigrating feminine styles of reform.
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, who refused to sign a bill passed by state lawmakers that would have prohibited public textbooks from denigrating LGBT people.
IMAGINE the uproar from the politically correct army if TV channel five were denigrating one of its favoured countries for its adverts (Telegraph, September 29) in the way it appears to be doing with the USA.
I am not denigrating Mormons, but they are very secretive concerning their theology.
My feeling is that we should not be in the business of denigrating anyone, of whatever level of ability or achievement, especially if they have been conscientious and hard-working prior to taking these annual tests.
Denigrating the Religious Right by claiming that it distorts and falsifies the teachings of that nice mister Jesus is like denigrating the Gestapo by claiming that it distorted and falsified the teachings of that nice mister Hitler.
They also recognize that I'm not denigrating the Marine Corps," Swofford told DAV.
Not only was it denigrating, condescending and picaresque, it was just plain wrong.
Hostettler (R-Ind.) withdraw remarks he made accusing Democrats of "denigrating and demonizing Christians."
In my opinion, the AANP has for years aggressively pursued a policy of exclusivity in the arena of modern-day naturopathy, and it has the effect of denigrating all other practitioners, no matter how effective or successful.