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a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon

any of various former European coins of different denominations

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one who denies

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Denier's primary responsibility as a district councilor is grassroots advocacy at the state and federal government levels.
The results indicate that the effect of Denier (D), Delivery speed (S) and air pressure (P) is significant while the effect of nylon brands (N) is non-significant.
Bright tights with a 40+ denier keep your legs perfectly warm during the cold and come in almost every colour imaginable.
Australia will probably join the post-Kyoto process as soon as Australian voters have dumped Prime Minister John Howard, a serial climate change denier who looks certain to lose the election later this year.
The executive director of the Urban Renaissance Institute was profiling global warming "deniers," those scientists who reject the view that climate change is man-made.
They use the loaded term "denier" to label those who dare question climate change orthodoxy.
Mondor Light weight performance microfiber nylon convertible tights (30 denier) in classic pink #51398; $10
Once again, when a denier is able to point to allegations of steam chambers at Treblinka and point out that normative Holocaust historians do not maintain now that they ever existed, then the denier is able to cast doubt on what historians have continued to maintain through strenuous historical examination.
"Denier" is the term used to define the diameter or fineness of a continuous or filament fiber, such as silk or man-made fibers.
Denier. AgriTech Analytics (ATA) is the second largest dairy records processing center in the United States, processing more than 950,000 cow records per month, and has served the dairy industry for more than three decades.
Stratified webs can have open base materials as great as 40 denier inside, then graduating to 25, 15, and 3 denier closer to the fabric surface.
This insider's account of the lawsuit David Irving brought against Deborah Lipstadt, in which the former was labeled a "Holocaust denier," also includes a refutation of those historians who promoted Irving's reputation as a scholar, but who Richard J.
In December 1999, the English-language Iranian paper, Kayhan International, editorialized about "The Myth of the Holocaust." It criticized the German government for allegedly persecuting Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben: "An Australian historian of German origin who is known for his authoritative research on the myth of the Holocaust....
Tactesse is currently available in 995 and 2250 deniers. DuPont explained that the 995 denier is especially appropriate for cut-pile styles in which its design allows fibers to be more densely packed and constructed with fewer air pockets, making tufted styles more crush resistant.