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capable of being denied or contradicted


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Li, "Certificateless deniably authenticated encryption and its application to e-voting system," Telecommunication Systems, pp.
Hezbollah possesses the technological and military means to inflict various degrees of pain openly or deniably. Could it make use of its fleet of weaponized pilotless drones to strike a military target inside Israel, a suitable tit-for-tat for Israel's raid?
Gowon provided anon-Caliphate and gentlemanly facade behind which fieldcommanders could deniably commit genocide with impunity as directed byCaliphate policy.
implicitly but deniably painting people of color as criminals.
Lineveldt, who parted com- pany with Stchi & Stchi in March 2011 for unknown rea- sons, added: "Over the last 13 years, TBWA\Rd has un- deniably shaped itself into a leading creative agency in the region through award-win-ning work.
The only positive advantage Afghanistan offers Iran is the ability to attack US personnel directly but somewhat deniably and to hold them at risk to deter an American attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.