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capable of being denied or contradicted


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Keywords: Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), deniable, key negotiation, Group communication
In fact, one security researcher says the NotPetya ransomware is designed to "spread fast and cause damage, with the plausibly deniable cover of 'ransomware'".
Indeed, the laws of identity, causality, and non-contradiction are so fundamental that they are not rationally deniable.
Now that genocide is no longer deniable, psychologizing settler behavior is a tack that is growing popular, perhaps as a way off the inglorious hook of land seizure.
Its security apparatus has a long history of such Machiavellian machinations and plausibly deniable covert dealings with rebel groups supposedly fighting to topple the Assad dynasty.
Both Western nations and Ukraine have been doing what they can to build capability and tactics against Russia's "hybrid warfare", in which it uses disinformation and deniable forces to maintain maximum ambiguity.
Hence this 10-month-old startup strives to make cock- tails to high Western standards but which are infused with un- deniable Ethiopian character.
Trained from childhood as a plausibly deniable intelligence agent, Smoak learned skills that would serve his masters well: espionage, betrayal and assassination.
So along comes Donald Trump, saying bluntly the things establishment candidates try to convey in coded, deniable hints, and sounding as if he really means them.
The regime seemed to put this shadow war on hold while the multilateral nuclear negotiations unfolded, but current sectarian tensions in the region may have rekindled Tehran and Hezbollah's interest in targeting their Saudi adversaries with asymmetric and reasonably deniable attacks.
In the absence of a public vote, here are the un deniable indicators:
A Pakistani-government appointed commission found nothing to support those claims, but also did not rule out the possibility of "plausibly deniable support" from current or former officials.
Authorities fear that the remainder of the retaliation will be executed abroad using covert operatives acting under reasonably deniable circumstances.
The point is that Turkey is not fully committed to the destruction of IS, and indeed will give IS deniable help in order to further the goal of a Sunni victory in Syria, despite being part of a "coalition of the willing" that is nominally dedicated to destroying IS.
The necessity of simple and cheap detection of toxic ions is not deniable in a wide range of applications, including the management of industrial processes, foodstuff quality control, detection of chemical threats and environmental preservation.