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Synonyms for dendroid

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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My students and I were very excited to have the opportunity to watch a 50-foot stainless-steel sculpture being installed at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo., for the exhibition, Roxy Paine: Scumaks and Dendroids.
Auloporida formed arbustive or fruticose colonies with proximal corallites commonly prostrate or adherent to other biogenic or inorganic remains; may have erect corallites (fasciculate) or branched (dendroid) and more rarely cerioid.
Distillation, 2010, the centerpiece of this show, belonged to Roxy Paine's "Dendroid" series, begun in 1998, which New Yorkers may best remember for Maelstrom, the elaborate work with which he filled the rooftop sculpture garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2009.
Understanding the paleoclimate of the Rheic Ocean at the beginning of the Mississippian Period, throughout the Kinderhookian, will help determine the spatial and temporal limits of the dendroid Graptolite Dictyonema within Missouri.
Nautiloids, bivalves, gastropods, dendroid corals, ostracods, calcareous algae (Solenopora), and bryozoans are present.
Despite its very limited distribution, the Orascja Member, with specific alternation of muddy and sandy lithologies and sufficiently rich assemblages of biostratigraphically valuable conodonts and several dendroid graptolites, is a significant unit for understanding the geological history of the area.