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In order to measure and date samples, well-known dendrochronology programs in Europe, such as TSAP (Time Series Analysis) (Rinntech) and CATRAS (Computer Aided Tree Ring Analysis System), were used (Aniol 1983, 46).
Renaissance paintings are now regularly examined with infrared reflectography, x-radiography, dendrochronology, and binocular microscopy in order to learn about their production, function, and afterlife.
Dendrochronology now suggests that the panel was probably painted in 1521 or shortly afterwards, providing additional evidence to support the Durer connection.
05), which reflected new efforts in dendrochronology, and Forest Products Marketing (P5.
Moinuddin Ahmed, Laboratory of Dendrochronology and Plant Ecology, Department of Botany, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST), Karachi, while exclusively talking to the Technology Times.
Artefacts found at the time of the discovery hinted at Iberian connections but recent advances in dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) have provided the first scientific evidence.
Dendrochronology confirmed the uneven-aged structure of at least the post oak component of these stands.
dendrochronology, stable isotope analysis, carbon-13, shrubs, Arctic
Dendrochronology and heavy metal deposition in tree rings of bald cypress, Journal of Environment Quality 25: 1411-1499.
a pioneer in the field of dendrochronology, who founded what is now the Malcolm and Carolyn Weiner laboratory for Aegean and Near-Eastern Dendrochronology at Cornell.
The style of the Passion paintings, datable by dendrochronology to ca.
Dendrochronology carried out on the 1588 Grafton portrait has established that, unusually, the wood on which it was painted was from southern England, and not the Baltic, as was more usual for English paintings of this period.
Dendrochronology (the study of tree ring growth) shows that thehouse was built, or substantially rebuilt, in about 1600.
The two-roomed building was dated by dendrochronology to the year 996 (Wazny 2001, 156).