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a plant of the genus Dendrobium having stems like cane and usually showy racemose flowers

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According to the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Dendrobium orchids are relatively easy to grow and boast appealing shapes and hues.
Our soup, Double-Boiled Moon Fish Clam with Dendrobium Herb and Black Chicken, contained a surprise element--thick fish lips--which enriched the broth with healthy natural protein.
The active ingredient is a dendrobium functional gene clone with expression control.
She was the first event designer I saw form dendrobiums into clusters and hang them as chandeliers.
The genus Dendrobium belongs to the tribe Dendrobieae, the second largest genus in the family Orchidaceae with approximately 800-1500 species [1].
In China heavy poaching and legal and illegal market sales of orchids are serious threats to Chinese orchids, especially those of the genus Dendrobium, which are used as Traditional Chinese Medicine (Liu et al., 2014).
Dendrobium officinale belongs to the Orchidaceae family, which has been used more than one thousand years in China [11].
Dendrobium is one of the three largest genera of the Orchidaceae family and comprises more than 1,000 species distributed throughout the Asian tropical and subtropical regions as well as Oceania, with 78 species of this genus recorded in China alone [1].
More than 20,000 purple dendrobium and lavender mokara orchids make up the floral canopy that frame Mother Nature's arms.
As one of perennial epiphytic herb of Orchidaceae family, Dendrobium officinale is a perennial valuable forest Chinese medicinal herb (1,2), which was recorded as herbal Dendrobii in the Pharmacopoeia of Peoples Republic of China.