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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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Dendritic cell vaccines provide another form of therapy for conditions that cannot be addressed with chemotherapy or radiation, such as metastatic renal cancer or malignant melanoma.
"We have shown that dendritic cells, which play a critical role in generating virus-specific T cells, have an improved ability to recognize HIV and build effective immune responses in elite controllers."
In certain neurological diseases, a relationship has been established between the dendritic pathology described using the Golgi technique and the loss of expression of the microtubule-associated protein MAP-2 (Broadbelt et al., 2002; Kaufmann et al., 2000; Montgomery et al., 1999).
This patent application includes intellectual property that offers a means of specifically inducing dendritic cells to internally generate tumour antigens, a process expected to be more effective than exogenously administering antigens to dendritic cells.
A diagnosis of T lymphoproliferative disorder would have been made based on these findings, although further complementary immunophenotyping by immunohistochemistry proved the blast cells to be also positive for CD123 which is more restricted to plasmacytoid dendritic cell marker.
Dendritic cells (DCs) are the most powerful professional antigen-presenting cells, and responsible for antigen recognition and procession.[8] They could initiate primary immune response and play an important role in host defense against pathogen infection and tumor progression.
Chromosome 17p abnormalities may increase the risk of transdifferentiation to histiocytic or dendritic cell sarcoma.
Launched in 2017, ICBT has obtained a license from the University of Maryland, Baltimore for proprietary ihv-DC technology, which allows the immortalisation of dendritic cells.
Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma is a very rare neoplasm 132#arising from FDCs that was first described by Monda et al.
The term "follicular dendritic cell" tumor was first mentioned by Monde et al.
The article titled "Dendritic Cells and Leishmania Infection: Adding Layers of Complexity to a Complex Disease" [1] was found to contain material from published work without citation, as follows:
Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma (FDCS) is a rare intermediate grade sarcoma involving a variety of nodal and extra nodal sites.
Formation of PSD-95 clusters was synchronized with the formation of dendritic spines (Fig.
Dendritic cells (DCs), acting as professional antigen-presenting cells, play a key role in the tumor-associated immunological reactions.