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add nonfissionable material to (fissionable material) so as to make unsuitable for use in an atomic bomb

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modify (as a native protein) especially by heat, acid, alkali, or ultraviolet radiation so that all of the original properties are removed or diminished

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make (alcohol) unfit for drinking without impairing usefulness for other purposes

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Denature have teamed up again with awardwinning videographer Chris to create another video for their new single Escape, which features on their new EP, Loss.
Due to the unstable structure of HDs, some may denature without forming a distinct band or may disappear after some time during the electrophoresis and leave smears.
The product uses radio frequency to seal tubing as opposed to heat, which creates a true molecular bond when sealing the plastic, yet does not cause hemolisys or denature proteins.
The competing color schemes further denature the image, dividing the figure of Jiang into five parts.
A dose lasting just a few seconds can cause targeted cells to die or can denature the proteins in blood so they congeal into a clot like the white of an egg does as it's fried.
Bob: Harry, I appreciate the concern, but I don't want your natural conservatism as a CFO to denature this achievement of ours.
Between amplifications, the workstation can be irritated with shortwave UV energy to denature potential contaminates and eliminate their ability to be amplified.
If a protein in water is heated to temperatures approaching the boiling point of water, these chains will lose their structure and the protein will denature (unfold).
The objective of scientists at Oregon State University was to denature b-lactoglobulin using an optimized HHP treatment.