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any substance that serves as a denaturing agent

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An application-specific stationary phase, Zebron ZB-Bioethanol, provides complete resolution of methanol, ethanol and the denaturant to help increase the efficiency and safety of bioethanol plant production and transportation.
This is possible since the hydrophobic groups of the unfolded chain are shielded by the denaturants, which prevent aggregation.
The gradients were farmed from 20% to 80% denaturant (100% denaturants were 7 M urea with 40% [vol/vol] deionized formamide and 0% denaturant was 6% [Wt/vol] acrylamide stock solutions [acrylamide: N', N', bisacrylamide = 38 : 1]) (Gillan et al.
Fierce competition on the Internal Market, higher imports from non-EU countries, imports of diluted alcohol at a zero tariff rate and greater quantities of blends of alcohol with denaturants imported at far lower tariffs have increased pressure on the sector.
Separation among the various members of the family will not occur when electrophoresis is performed in the absence of denaturants; the minute differences in the radius of gyration ([R.sub.g]), caused by the mismatch between the two hetero- and homoduplexes will lead, at best, only to band broadening.
From purpose built premises on a 4.5 acre site in the West Midlands, both companies manufacture a high quality range of specialist metal working, pretreatment, cleansing and degreasing products, from coolants and tapping fluids, rust removers and preventers, acqueous and solvent degreasers, phosphating and paint denaturants.
We investigated the concentrations of Mg[Cl.sub.2], the DNA template, and the PCR primers in the PCR reaction, as well as the choice and concentrations of chemical denaturants.
Gramos recommended the installation of specialist dosing equipment for the efficient use of their Takkill range of denaturants, with Gramos taking overall responsibility for the efficient operation of the line, including servicing and maintenance.
Refolding was done with descending denaturant concentration dialysis with some modification.
The liquid, chitosan-containing paint denaturant technology provides a more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional melamine-formaldehyde or acrylic acid-based chemistries.