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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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In a marked departure from Alber, Heinze, and even Phelan, these theorists focus less on unnatural story-world elements or even unnatural textual elements, and prefer to see the "unnatural" in terms of "denaturalizing" reading strategies.
Denaturalization may deny a person citizenship rights in the denaturalizing state, but it does not ensure deportation where no other state is willing to acknowledge a link of nationality and receive that person.
On the British government's decision to denaturalize any British person who take part in the battles in Syria and when will the Syrian government make such a decision, al-Zoubi said, "The British government is denaturalizing the persons who acquired the citizenship as the majority of British persons who came to Syria are not from British origins...
Composed of three comments, the final chapter suggests the utility of the volume itself, for "denaturalizing" things (Renato Ago), for the importance of "new-ness" in the creation or consumption or engagement with things (Timothy Brook), and for the identity formation that things make possible (Erin Lichtenstein).
it is about denaturalizing their prescribed understandings of Western
Emergence effects disrupt the "'genuine' experience," and of suture by denaturalizing the process of visual perception.
(56) This entire scene has the vital function of denaturalizing the male gaze: the male as possessor of the constituting gaze and the woman as iconic representation of desire are so taken for granted as to be unnoticed.
Indeed, the perception of Middle East causality renders the phenomenon as imported, thus denaturalizing the victim.
Sauntering into the audience singing and then telling the Mickey Gold joke, her verbatim repetition of the way he told her the joke again foregrounds the put-on, and distances her relationship to heterosexuality, thus denaturalizing it.
Cosmopolitan Style begins with Conrad, demonstrating clearly his interest in denaturalizing cultural affiliations.
Machismo Kills" is focused on denaturalizing violence against women, on debunking the generalized concept that it is normal for women to be punished when they do not meet expectations related to the role that is culturally assigned to the feminine gender.
Jenckes draws on Paul de Man's concept of biographical "defacement," presented here as the denaturalizing and displacement of the biographical subject, in order to bring Borges's essay, "El otro Whitman" into dialogue with Evaristo Carriego.
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond
The wide range of temperatures on systems, generally 0[degrees]C99[degrees]C, allow the user to conduct more robust hybridization procedures such as the denaturalizing or annealing of DNA strands.
In closing, I wish to offer some suggestions for future research on social welfare policies, with the aim of denaturalizing institutionalized heterosexuality and bringing LGBT communities to the center of research on poverty, families, and state policy.