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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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The Court held that for an individual to be denaturalized, the false statement made must have been one that could have justifiably lead to the denial of naturalization.
Once completed, all audio files were transcribed using denaturalized techniques and Wreally Transcribe software.
Chronic anisakiasis infection is often difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are mild and nonspecific and the larvae are denaturalized and absorbed in the submucosal layer [16].
denaturalized the classical German Shakespeare by translating it to a French-speaking African.
(102) A citizen who is denaturalized for misrepresentation or fraud reverts to permanent resident status, with one exception.
(49.) Although it's difficult to determine when denaturalized views of gender first emerged, they came into mainstream popularity with the appearance of postmodern feminist theories starting in the 1970s.
Above it hangs a painting by one of the group's members, Bozena Grzyb-Jarodzka: Electric Kiss, 1988, depicts the familiar Hollywood motif of a glamorous kiss, yet in vivid, denaturalized colors--the woman is painted in pink and her partner in green.
They present seven essays that grapple with hybrid natural/political phenomena such as climate change, genetic engineering, and machine life and their implications for the denaturalized paradigm of contemporary political theory.
Its denaturalized images place figural emphasis on denaturalized conventions of the sequel to form an explicit exchange with the knowing spectator it is also generating.
After announcing that he had denaturalized himself from Spain, Aguirre elected Guzman to be "Prince and King of all Tierra Firme." Highlighting this "extraordinary moment" when "not only had the men agreed to undertake a revolt against the king, but Aguirre suggested that they foreswear their very citizenship as well," Balkan asserts that, "this action could be viewed as the earliest call for total revolution in the Americas." Had Aguirre succeeded, he and his followers "might very well have been lauded through history as the first brave souls of the free New World to throw off the oppressive colonial yoke" (p.
In Artemisia, the iconic figure of woman is denaturalized. Like identity, history, "truth," it becomes textualized: femininity, instead of being "inevitable," "natural," is reduced to random "rubble," an arbitrary construction rather than the noble edifice of an iconic structure.
denaturalized, to surrender his lawful permanent resident status and to depart
By performing Ariel and Caliban as fully human rather than, respectively, as a spirit, and as a "thing of darkness," Landau's actors denaturalized and estranged Prospero's power over them.