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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Thus, in its attempts to denaturalize the body, exposing the inherent instability of gender hierarchies, feminist film criticism unwittingly asserts an essentialist model of human rights that are tied to a body it has long divested of its essence and, for that reason, the possibility of its essential worth.
Likewise, the point is not to discard the important work of ethical analysis, but rather to denaturalize ethics as a go-to framework for self-violent performance.
The Rebel takes what Burgin calls the "look of the viewer as he or she looks at the photograph" (148) and denaturalizes that look by transforming it into "'the intra-diegetic look," or the look exchanged by participants in the photographic event.
Even though Canadian officials had failed to ask prospective immigrants about their activities during World War Two, the Canadian government attempted (ultimately with limited success) to denaturalize these men on grounds of fraud or misrepresentation because they failed to divulge their wartime activities.
There are drawbacks to Sperber's insistence on historical distance and his effort to denaturalize Marx's thought.
I would argue that her appeal to these norms is far more complicated, as she manages to denaturalize femininity and female desire while operating in an otherwise male-dominated nationalist discourse.
is able to denaturalize the process by which Iranians are effaced
An understanding of the constructed nature of childhood, and in turn the need to denaturalize and challenge this conventional construction, is at stake in criticism that originates in Jacqueline Rose's The Case of Peter Pan, or, The Impossibility of Children's Fiction, a text that invited, for the first time, an acute skepticism about childhood and literature for children (Kidd 182).
If there is a rule at work in these paintings it is, as Benjamin has remarked, to shun no color, and, as a result, there is no other painter with whom I am familiar who can deploy and totally denaturalize the browns, greens, grays, and burgundies of the natural world with more acuity, usually by juxtaposing them with zinging violets and burning yellow-reds.
Kushner's text, then, illuminates the stakes of Chabon's and Roth's imaginative (indeed, counter-factual) efforts to denaturalize the link between Jewish bodies and American national identity.
Throughout Artemisia, painting is used to destabilize and denaturalize femininity.
to embody the spousal unit at the center of his narrative than he sets out to systematically denaturalize them, giving their movements a jumpy, fantastical quality through an animation technique once known as "pixelation," whereby live-action is physically manipulated and repositioned on a frame-by-frame basis.
When artfully managed, point of view, and the unreliable narrator most particularly, may denaturalize the conventionality of language and its truth-making claims, exposing the deeper philosophical issues that underpin all narrative, and which point to the tenuous discursive foundations of how we are led to find the truth and believe what is said, read, or otherwise perceived.
Stone advocates a "queer commentary on the Bible," which would denaturalize concepts originating in the heteronormative matrix of sexological thinking altogether.
Working against this tradition, McKeown sets out to historicize and denaturalize those innocuous, innocent, mundane categories that serve as the stable assumptions and provide the ground for most migration analyses: assumptions of the existence of nationalized state borders; of clear definitions of the migrant, the immigrant, and the emigrant; of uncontested, pre-existing individuals; of dehistoricized migration bureaucracies; of unquestioned definitions of state sovereignty held to embody control over (im)migration; or of firm, unchanging distinctions between freedom and coercion.