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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Thus, in its attempts to denaturalize the body, exposing the inherent instability of gender hierarchies, feminist film criticism unwittingly asserts an essentialist model of human rights that are tied to a body it has long divested of its essence and, for that reason, the possibility of its essential worth.
There are drawbacks to Sperber's insistence on historical distance and his effort to denaturalize Marx's thought.
non-national, autographics denaturalize this representational practice
As his narrative proceeds, he gradually cultivates a posthumanist perspective through which he denaturalizes many of the assumptions of human rights discourse.
Catherine Belsey's 1999 Shakespeare and the Loss of Eden: The Construction of Family Values in Early Modern Culture is a curious example as a monograph with overt political intentions "to historicize and thus denaturalize family values" (xiv) but which nevertheless maintains heteronormative assumptions and elides any discussion of homoerotic and homosocial ties in the early modern household.
For the most part, his close readings of Gothic texts argue for the presence of queer themes, themes that denaturalize normative categories of sex and gender.
Wilfred Cantwell Smith was the earliest to denaturalize the term by documenting the modern Western provenance of its meaning and citing as convincing evidence of this the fact that "there are today and have been in the past relatively few languages into which one can translate the word 'religion'--and particularly its plural, 'religions'--outside Western civilization.
Throughout Artemisia, painting is used to destabilize and denaturalize femininity.
Stone advocates a "queer commentary on the Bible," which would denaturalize concepts originating in the heteronormative matrix of sexological thinking altogether.
There is another reason to conclude with Chandler's essay: his historicism locates Blake in a past, but it also orients him toward the future: "Blake's aim was to denaturalize the level of habitual reflection and exchange that marks the sentimental.
Working against this tradition, McKeown sets out to historicize and denaturalize those innocuous, innocent, mundane categories that serve as the stable assumptions and provide the ground for most migration analyses: assumptions of the existence of nationalized state borders; of clear definitions of the migrant, the immigrant, and the emigrant; of uncontested, pre-existing individuals; of dehistoricized migration bureaucracies; of unquestioned definitions of state sovereignty held to embody control over (im)migration; or of firm, unchanging distinctions between freedom and coercion.
Femininity is gender, and while it can be the site of gender play and thus a way to denaturalize all gender, as Newton and Butler have demonstrated; the self-conscious performance of femininity by men has also been a way to point not only to the absurdities of gender, but it can also be performed in a way to look at women themselves as absurd.
In this process, they have the potential to denaturalize, even to subvert, the hold of that trope as definitive Hmong character, showing it to be contingent, and always in production.
Clearly there is an interest in broadening the outreach of the campaign to denaturalize violence against women.
Under this model, the pragmatic question of who has the power to play host, and who must endure the role of guest, would replace identitarian politics and denaturalize the language of natural rights.