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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Canjii Virot "I think today (interview of 1994) that what interests me in the Japanese raku is not Japan but what the raku could have of black Africa: a work that is instinctive, physical, sacred; a work that remains faithful to the material without denaturalising it.
Paper 1 analyses various texts in order to demonstrate how interaction and turn-taking in conversation are dominated by ideological rules that now tend to be perceived as natural; hence the role of CDA in "denaturalising" them through elements of resistance.
I'm interested in denaturalising that thought process and questioning how we came to think like that.
Here, pastiche, parody and appropriation merge, denaturalising the 1950s industrial aesthetic and laying bare the convergence of ideology and history that lies at the core of the sponsored film.
For in "denaturalising the wearer's specular identity" contemporary fashion refuses the dichotomy, nature/culture.