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put under private control or ownership

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The NOCs which participated in the Games against the advice of their governments visibly demonstrated that they were ignoring the foreign policy of their governments, although they had valid sporting reasons for doing so, I therefore consider that it was a correct decision that the eighteen Western European NOCs attempted to denationalize their presence in Moscow by leaving their national anthems and flags behind.
Indeed, in May, only days after Shahzad's arrest, a bipartisan group in Congress led by Senator Joseph Lieberman introduced the Terrorist Expatriation Act, which would allow the government to denationalize a citizen upon a finding by the secretary of state that he provided material aid or support to a foreign terrorist organization as designated by the secretary, or that he engaged in hostilities against the U.
Indeed, some non-OECD biofuel producers have been quick to denationalize biofuel production in a bid to minimize food price effects and boost efficiency.
The instrumental method is to denationalize impediments of the movement of goods from one economy to the other, including products like cars, agricultural goods, beef and other such things that they would agree on.
foreign direct investments are seen as the best tool to denationalize oil and gas (2), while Russia, Iran, China and some 'non-Western' countries formulated their own set of references for globalization.
They run the gamut from early development of a stock exchange in Taiwan to a recent project to denationalize the state pension system of Kazakhstan.
The Government of Punjab devised a plan to denationalize schools and return them to their original owners in 1996.
An attempt is being made to denationalize the Palestinian entity in Jerusalem in order to satisfy the needs of other nationalisms.
One of the first things Cristiani did when he was elected in 1989 was to denationalize the coffee and sugar industries.
Two: Denationalize and privatize public enterprises and encourage the private sector even in areas reserved for the public sector;