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put under private control or ownership

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The difficulties encountered in denationalising Mozambique's small-scale fisheries sector demonstrated the need for careful planning.
There, union reps are to lay out their own proposal to reform CyTA in lieu of denationalising it.
She then attacked the trade unions, decimated the industrial base of the country and sold off the "family silver" by denationalising gas, water, electricity and the railways.
Between 1976 and 1981 four homelands had been established denationalising nine million South Africans, who required passports to enter their own country as aliens.
Usman Ghani: Despite the resentment and resistance of the workers the Government on the basis of its resources and state machinery succeeded in denationalising MCB, the first ever unit in Pakistan.
Prodromou said denationalising CyTA would free it from political party meddling and phenomena of corruption.
Unions expressed their satisfaction after the meeting, but reiterated their disagreement with denationalising the company and announced a new round of deliberations with parliamentary parties.
It's understood the government is in the process of drafting legislation related to denationalising the state-owned company.
Essentially the EAC is seeking to manoeuvre the government into wording the legislation in such a way that will definitively rule out denationalising the power utility.
THE process of denationalising semi-state telecoms CyTA is at an advanced stage, Privatisations Commissioner Constandinos Herodotou said on Thursday, at the same time reassuring stakeholders that the organisation will not be sold on the cheap.
"Based on a cabinet decision, instead of going straight to denationalising the EAC, we are proceeding with a study, which has a specific remit," he told the state broadcaster.
EAC circles suspect the model is an attempt by the ministry to square the circle with regard to the intended denationalising of the power utility.
EAC unions warn that denationalising the power company will ultimately backfire on consumers, as private operators taking over would be sure to hike up rates.
He added that denationalising the state's fuel storage company was not an obligation stemming from the island's bailout agreement.
A CABINET decree privatising the commercial activities of the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) is due to be issued this week, as the government gets the ball rolling on denationalising semi-governmental organisations (SGOs) and state-owned enterprises.