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put under private control or ownership

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After road haulage was denationalised in 1954, supported by Pilkington Glass, Alf bought a fleet from BRS and set up Sutton & Son (St Helens) Ltd.
According to Reuters the lawsuit against Hungary was filed by Canada's Airport Development Corporation (ADC) in London in 2002, after the government effectively denationalised Budapest Airport.
Amin also denationalised several of the British companies taken over under Obote, and in July 1971 came to London where he had lunch will the Queen and meetings with Heath's cabinet.
The US, Russia, Europe and a number of other countries are co-ordinating bilaterally and multilaterally to confront the anti-Western and anti-democratic tendencies represented by figureheads such as Osama Bin Ladin, the denationalised Saudi now living in exile in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban movement.
It is in this context that Osama Bin Ladin, the denationalised Saudi dissident living in exile in Afghanistan under Taliban protection, plays an important figurehead role.
Islamists close to Osama Bin Ladin, the denationalised Saudi now living under Taliban protection in Afghanistan, were blamed.
BELIEVE in us and trust us, the private sector said when they denationalised the railways.
Scots kick up a fuss when it happens the other way round, but always fail to notice it when the English are "denationalised".
The Conservatives then denationalised the industry in 1955 and Mr Hibberd succeeded in buying back his business.
The major players include nationalised commercial banks (NCBs), foreign banks, denationalised banks and new private commercial banks.
The reserves are stocked by the state fuel storage company (KETAP), which is to be denationalised.
Currently nearly all of these denationalised services are enjoying billions of pounds' profits annually while constantly increasing their price to us the consumer.
We were encouraged to become shareholders in the denationalised industries and demutualised building societies.
But maybe the time has come for the monolith to be denationalised and reconfigured into a more localised service.