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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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This represents a reinvigoration of security-based denationalisation: a practice which has been largely unused for several decades.
However, situation changed after complete denationalisation of banks.
Le Premier ministre s'est lance dans une reforme "radicale" du pays, qui passe par une reduction dramatique de l'Etat afin de faire naEtre une "big society" ("grande societe"): moins d'intervention dans l'education (avec la possibilite pour les parents de gerer des "ecoles libres"); dans la sante publique (avec la "denationalisation" du NHS, systeme britannique de sante); dans les libertes civiques (avec l'abolition du projet de carte identite)...
In 1990s the federal government adopted the policy of denationalisation /privatisation, therefore, the SBP was given maximum autonomy and a number of banking laws were mended, accordingly.
Was it a result of the nonsense of nationalisation and denationalisation that, through the boom years of development and construction, we had to purchase virtually all high-quality seamless piping and tubing from overseas?
Successive governments sidestep direct control by embracing denationalisation and then pose as watchdogs when the private company or franchise fails to
Scheindlen allowed lawsuits against IBM for "aiding and abetting arbitrary denationalisation and apartheid".
Cecil Hunter, aged 78, of Dillotford Avenue, Chey-lesmore, claimed: "All this trouble with different bus companies scrapping over viable routes has only come about since the denationalisation of our transport service."
The denationalisation reportedly terminated ADC's contract to operate the airport.
This was worsened by the current Government's expansion of regulatory powers, coupled with the forced denationalisation, in all but name, of Railtrack.
The Department for International Development also funded the Institute to produce Christmas cards, posh receptions and an opinion poll to sell denationalisation to sceptical Tanzanians.
Even before Margaret Thatcher, there had been attempts at denationalisation, by restoring nationalised enterprises to their previous owners, but the success had been, at best, patchy.
We were sold down the river on decimalisation, denationalisation, an assembly, European MPs, quangos, the euro.
But, the EU official continued, there are still "difficulties to deal with, and improvements needed before the end of the year - in public administrative reform, faster denationalisation process, and privatisation to create fully competitive economy".
After the Conservatives' election victory in 1992, the government benches included many MPs of strident right-wing views, who demanded a reduction in the basic rate of income tax, the curtailment of government interference with business and the denationalisation of the railways.