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Synonyms for denary

containing ten or ten parts

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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Data were expressed as mean [+ or -] SD, and HBVDNA was calculated by denary logarithm.
VoxPupils Students from St Mary's Catholic College on becoming computer whiz kids Rebecca Lavery, 14, said "We learn how to do binary and denary. I like learning the more complicated side and how it all works" Patrick Hanlon, 14, said: "We've looked at ROM and the binary code.
To represent the performance difference more effectively, we adopt the denary logarithm value of average running times.
This relational understanding (Skemp, 1976) connected addition with multiplication, that is, the distributivity of multiplication over addition within base 10 as denary or decimal system (see also Chambers, 2008; Ronland et al., 2009).
Under this holistic view, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, and denary sources would be realized some day.