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someone who plays the role of a den mother

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a woman who supervises a den of Cub Scouts

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Judy was very involved in giving back to the community; we used to call her a den mother because she was always encouraging people to strive for their dreams.
Former boyband member Ziggy came fourth, den mother Carole was fifth and oddball Jonty sixth in the final poll.
Recently Schumaker faced off with the Boy Scouts of America, where she couldn't be a den mother because of the group's policy forbidding gays.
Schacter concentrates most of the film's attention on two female figures: Wendy (Tamblyn), the group's caring den mother, mediator and lynchpin, and Billie (Kelli Garner of "Thumbsucker," in an astoundingly commanding perf), the violently defensive leader of the pack, whose attachment to Wendy goes far beyond group allegiance.
Sweet: Roxie, I read something today where they called you the den mother of the band.
Susan Brown (superb as the den mother Hetty and an excellent Henry V) leads the company with splendid work from Marcia Brown as Flora (tea, chintz, Latin tags, and a cut glass accent).
The citation described Cora, who has been associated with NCEW for over 40 years, as "our den mother, our institutional memory, and the heart and soul of NCEW.
A Cub Scout den mother was thrilled about posting scout information on the intranet because she was able to avoid "calling each boy on the phone every 3 weeks to explain what we were doing.
A jumpsuited woman at the "control" desk, equipped with a Fisher-Price baby monitor and a Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster camera, acted as a kind of den mother to a trio of artnauts who had opted to inhabit Mirz full-rime for the last three days of the show.
I've never been a Boy Scout, for obvious reasons, but I did help my Mom when she was Den Mother.
She takes the form of Lynn (Bridget Fonda), who used to twirl a baton at Bill's revival meetings but now acts as den mother to touring rock bands.
The twins, who had gone to about five scout meetings, were told by their den mother that they would have to earn a religious emblem for their uniforms before they, could advance to the next scout ranking.
It is also the ultimate challenge for a man who was kicked out of Cub Scouts without any knot-tying instruction because the den mother thought the neckerchief slide he was carving resembled "heaving bosoms.
Whether she was making cakes for the USO, serving as chairman of a Mother and Daughter Banquet, or working as a Cub Scout den mother, she gave back
She was a Den Mother and treasurer of Cub Pack #5 at Trinity Lutheran Church for several years.