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Demythologizing science teacher education: Conquering the false ideal of open inquiry.
In 1941, in his famous essay "New Testament and Mythology: The Problem of Demythologizing the New Testament Proclamation," Rudolf Bultmann advocated the need to translate the mythical language of the biblical narrative into what may seem more meaningful to a modern mind.
Martina Navratilova says many of the players pass the time by playing Scrabble but I doubt if Miss Williams or Miss Sharapova could come up with big-scoring words like Quixotry or Demythologizing.
Despite these few inaccuracies and reservations, there is no doubt that this book provides an important contribution to Michaux studies and the demythologizing process to which the poet-artist is currently subject.
Thus, the saving grace trope is counterbalanced by what Weaver-Zercher calls "fallen people" demythologizing narratives.
In his treatments of Sockalexis and (in his earlier work) Jackson, Fleitz is at his best in demythologizing those areas of baseball history where the facts have been forgotten and the truth has been obscured.
Demythologizing Language Difference in the Academy: Establishing Discipline-Based Writing Programs Mark L.
A spot of judicious demythologizing is thus called for, generally known as revisionism.
his lifestyle, his finances, his dealings with the warrior Pope," and the pitfalls of fresco painting, while demythologizing long-held views, particularly that the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo lying on his back.
Ensler's genius was in taking a very clinical word that makes a lot of people uncomfortable and demythologizing it, transforming it into the centerpiece of a real girl-power show that guys titillated by the title would take in as well.
However, demythologizing may prove to be insufficient, leaving important questions open, if peacemaking and reconciliation are the intended goals.
In light of this phenomenon, this reviewer finds Jeffrey Melnick's demythologizing of Black-Jewish relations in his A Right to Sing the Blues.
While the authors do not pull any punches in deconstructing and demythologizing the important assumptions behind and the practice of Eurocentrism and colonialization, the tone is quite balanced, leaving scope for all peoples to work for a common, mutually respectful set of solutions to the complex issues identified in the text.
He maintains only that the notion that Jesus is pure legend is at least as plausible a reading of the evidence as any of the critical theories that, while demythologizing Jesus, assume that he did exist as a historical entity.
5-6), Weinstein risks being derided for naivete by cultural critics perhaps longer accustomed than he is to demythologizing supposedly natural intimacies into social publicities and relations of power.