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having mythical elements removed

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resumes a focus on Kant and his concept of demythologized ethical hope.
Third, myths and myth-making are often viewed in the West as a vestige of the premodern and prescientific age, a relic to be demythologized before becoming relevant.
The elite classes were abandoning orthodox Christianity for a demythologized religion of human reason.
Douglass's demythologized understanding of his condition as a slave comes early in his life--as early as seven or eight years old.
And he proposes a demythologized "narrative Christus Victor" reading of Revelation 12 to underscore Jesus' mission that culminates in non-violent resurrection (17-22).
Even as they have been mythologized by the many, they have been demythologized by at least a few.
Unfortunately, Muhammad and the Qur'an have not been so routinely demythologized by Muslims.
It is no coincidence that TV brought us this rare event the same week which brought a demythologized Malcolm X to mass-market film screens and a new president-elec to the black, inner-city streets of Washington.
University of Florida historian of science Frederick Gregory has a point when he writes that people - such as many of the intellectuals at the Divine Action Conference - "who have felt forced by Darwin to admit that God has no reference to nature have made theology unrecognizable as theology to the majority of believers for whom a demythologized Christianity is no real Christianity at all.
Once demythologized, the heavenly "above" is not just celestial topography but the merciful love of God pouring down into the here and now.
The image of a journalist as the self-important herald, the high priest of news, the mystique - it's been demythologized.
Rather, facing a world which is already highly demythologized and secularized, he is trying to uncover how the presence and power of God move deeply within our world without falling back into mythological forms of thought.
I tried not just to offer a general claim to this effect but to illustrate the claim concretely by identifying a good number of the major doctrines which Rahner demythologized in this way.
So the range of ideas to be demythologized is potentially a large one.