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having mythical elements removed

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Internalism, for S., resumes a focus on Kant and his concept of demythologized ethical hope.
Third, myths and myth-making are often viewed in the West as a vestige of the premodern and prescientific age, a relic to be demythologized before becoming relevant.
Perhaps the greatest peril of living in a demythologized world is just this: by accepting the incomplete spectrum of a single-mindedly logical existence, we forfeit our experience of mystery.
Yet they too have been demythologized and stripped of their superhuman custodial and protective duties toward humankind.
The heroes of America are demythologized. Elvis Presley becomes/is a racist while Walt Disney is a know-nothing rightwinger.
The elite classes were abandoning orthodox Christianity for a demythologized religion of human reason.
It aims to save Sidney, providing a 'demythologized' insight where all others have failed: 'Sidney .
Douglass's demythologized understanding of his condition as a slave comes early in his life--as early as seven or eight years old.
The war is impervious to being demythologized: Over the last few years writers of the caliber of Studs Terkel and Paul Fussell have tried to drain it of nobility and succeeded only in reminding us of how bloody the fighting was.
And he proposes a demythologized "narrative Christus Victor" reading of Revelation 12 to underscore Jesus' mission that culminates in non-violent resurrection (17-22).
The church is being demythologized. The spiritual revolution that Jesus set loose needs ecclesial structures to play a lesser, not a greater, role in the future when humankind must travel more lightly and must put spirituality ahead of religion and orthopractice ahead of orthodoxies and deep ecumenism ahead of tribalism and protecting of an institution at whatever cost.
Even as they have been mythologized by the many, they have been demythologized by at least a few.
Phipps's method performs best with Jesus, whose character is now thoroughly demythologized. Many modern readers will accept the point that Jesus is not to be regarded as the divine savior dear to historical Christianity or that his religion is not what most Christians have historically professed.
University of Florida historian of science Frederick Gregory has a point when he writes that people - such as many of the intellectuals at the Divine Action Conference - "who have felt forced by Darwin to admit that God has no reference to nature have made theology unrecognizable as theology to the majority of believers for whom a demythologized Christianity is no real Christianity at all."
Once demythologized, the heavenly "above" is not just celestial topography but the merciful love of God pouring down into the here and now.